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View Cricket Highlight Videos of your Favorite Match is a video hosting site that offers video clips of various interesting moments in cricketing history. This can be considered as a limited version of YouTube, as it hosts only clips from various cricketing events.

The site offers various Cricket Highlights Video clips posted by public as well as content taken from various media group or public broadcasts. Clips are classified on various basis as match highlights, interviews, match type etc. It has a search facility to locate a particular clip based on its classification.

User can rate the clip on five start point basis. Viewing a clip is free, but to leave a comment on a video, registration is required. While viewing any video, icons for videos on similar theme with titles also appear that make it easy for a user to select and see related videos available on the site. The site also offers live score when cricket matches are going on.

Considering the way cricket is worshipped and commands fan following especially in India, Pakistan, Lanka, ENgland and Australia and the penetration of broadband that has made internet access easier and faster, the site has got high potential to grow and develop captive audience.

Site navigation is simple and smooth. Video streaming is quite fast. You have the option of embedding a video to your site.

Presently it does not allow marking of a video as offensive, which is required for a site that allows users to upload any content.
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