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Sania escaping the fatwa!

So today’s Mumbai Mirror shows a Sania clad in salwar kameez and saying “Inshallah willng, I will be on the top some day…” LOL! Another picture shows her wearing a gujarati sari. LOL again! She must love this. Media coverage if she wears tight designer Ts with specific messages, blings/nose rings and undie revealing skirts. Media coverage if she wears salwar and sari too! Her PR consultant is surely good at his job.

Now to my ardent admirers whose names I dont care to remember –

1.You are just some herd so enamoured by anyone or anything the media will rave. You will start chanting praise even for a buffalo if the media was to project her as an icon. So, your support or admiration does not come as an original love for the game or for the player.It comes solely cause you are programmed to believe what the media says. And I frankly have a very low opinion of such fools.

2. Sania is an average player. It is good she represented India at some level than no representation at all.Ironically there is no discussion of her game. No analysis even close to what propeller did on the game per se, on the shots…Instead all attention is focused on all the peripherals. That would NOT have been the case, had she chosen not to make it that way. But she or whoever is navigating her, chose to make it that way – so she gets media coverage – skirts or salwars, game or no game…success or no success…Now what else can this be than a “Design”? Why else would she adorn that bindaas, bold, brazen image, why else woud she wear those designer Ts with those specific messages, and why else would she not object to those who printed those pictures that were vanity defiant! As a serious, professional player, I would be offended if someone focussed on my curves than on my game. Sure, if my intention is to get people hooked on me by “hook or crook” then it is a different matter. Hence I said all of this is by “Design” and not by “Default”.

3. The media hype is an oversell. Clearly beyond her capabilities or performance.

These are not my opnions. They are facts. Ironically, being a past tennis player myself, having observed the game closely at many occasions, I have seen women in divided skirts, even shorts or for that matter short skirts but was never embarrassed by having to see their undies!! So those notions about burkas and sweat pants and behenjis and all else are so hilariously ridiculous! You are viewed seriously if you mantain that image as a serious player and as one you HAVE to maintain some code of professinal conduct!! In a way all that hype could prolly be coing in her way of being recognized as one with promise or mettle. But you wont get all this. Dont try. You wont bother to think about the many thousands die in complete anonimity while someone else gets overly hyped. That to me seems unfair, unethical and unprofessional. But you wont get all that!

4. If someone wants my respect as a player or a performer, he or she better behave profesisonally and a civilized dress code is part of that, a humble attitude is part of that especially when you still have a long way to go. Over confidence and an air of arrogance nauseates me.

Especialy when you still have a long way to go!Representation alone is not enough. I may not stand you if you do all of the above. It is MY CHOICE!

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