US Businesses to get incentive for hiring undocumented immigrants

Written by Top Story Nov 28, 2014

United States, 27th November: Hiring undocumented immigrants will enable businesses earn $3,000 per empoyeee under Obama’s Plan.

Yes, this is quite true.

Hiring Undocumented immigrants will fetch $3,000 per worker for US businesses—Under Obama’s plan, the US businesses hiring undocumented immigrants will now get $3,000 for each such worker hired by them.

US Businesses to get incentive for hiring undocumented immigrantsThat’s the result of the latest US President Barack Obama’s plan.

<blockquote> The US will be offering $3,000 to US businesses for hiring an undocumented immigrant as a worker. </blockquote>

And this is the financial incentive being offered by the US administration for US businesses hiring undocumented immigrants. The US President wants to offer a path to US Citizenship for undocumented immigrant workers living in the US.

No penalty for hiring undocumented immigrants in the US—So, from now onwards, under the US administration’s latest executive action(of Obama), businesses or employers hiring undocumented immigrant workers will not have to face any penalty or fine for doing so. And businesses not offering health care to undocumented immigrants shall also face no penalty. And such workers will not have eligibility for getting public benefits like buying insurance on health exchanges of ObamaCare.

Rather, a financial incentive of $3,000 is what they will get for each undocumented immigrant worker hired as an employee by them. That’s because US President Obama does not consider undocumented immigrants as a bad thing. On the contrary, he considers immigrants as not only vital but also good for the US economy.

He is also of the view that hiring undocumented immigrants in the US will help the nation in improving the US economy.

ObamaCare--It needs to be notable that the incentive for US employers to recruit undocumented immigrants over US citizens and US legal residents comes under the ObamaCare(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).

The rule became effective in January this year and requires employers having 50 or more employees to provide adequate and affordable healthcare coverage or be ready to face penalty of $3,000 annually for each full-time working receiving premium tax credit.

Under the rules of ObamaCare, coverage is stated to be unaffordable in case the employee needs to make a contribution more than 9.5 percent of their family incone towards employer coverage.

And coverage is considered to be inadequate in case the insurance doesn’t pay for a minimum of 60 percent of healthcare charges.

So, Obama Executive aCtion combined with ObamaCare norms creates a loophole for US employers. That’s because undocumented immigrants getting right to stay in US are not eligible for buying insurance through federal health insurance leading to exemption for employers to pay fines.

US New Angel Fund to Back Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Written by Top Story Nov 22, 2014

United States, 21st November: The new US Fund intends to help entrepreneurs having great ideas and needing help to get US work visas to stay in the US.

US New Angel Fund to Back Immigrant EntrepreneursThe new US fund is named Unshackled(New Angel Fund).

New US Angel Fund for backing immigrant entrepreneurs—The US new Angel Fund aims to offer support to budding immigrant entrepreneurs who wish to get US work visas for staying in the US.

Yes, the new $3.5 million Angel Fund named Unshackled has around 50 individuals and funds as investors. And it wants to act as a problem-solving hacker process for US immigration law. The new fund wants to tackle the issue of potential foreign entrepreneurs wanting to get the US work visas.

<blockquote> The new US Angel Fund named Unshackled is aimed to help budding foreign entrepreneurs restricted by the US work visa regime to get US Work visas. </blockquote>

Details of the new US Angel Fund—Well, as per the details, the new fund having the backing of more than 50 investors will enable foreigners who are already working in the US wanting to quite their employment and begin a start-up but cant do so since they require an employer for getting sponsorship for their US work visa.

As per the co-founder of Unshackled, Manan Mehta, every entrepreneur being targeted by the new fund and will help in pursuing their American Dream. It will be hiring founders as workers by enabling them to have their US work visas while building their startups. Without US work visas, foreign entrepreneurs don’t seem to be getting far.

The US angel fund based in San-Francisco has been started by Nitin Pachisia, an immigrant himself, and Manan Mehta, son of immigrants. It will be hiring foreign entrepreneurs and offering them a paycheck, health benefits and US work visas, thereby allowing them to concentrate on building their companies.

New US fund attracting top foreigners—Top foreigners are already getting attracted by the fund, quips Mr. Manan Mehta. And that too even though there are no investments made yet. Some of the lead engineers of some of the biggest tech firms , foreign students who are graduates from top universities and PhD s from the world over are getting lured by the new US fund.

So, whether they are Chinese, Indians, Latin Americans, Europeans or Africans, the new fund will enable them to pursue their most sought after American Dream.



New US 10-Year Visa Deal allures Chinese Visitors

Written by Top Story Nov 22, 2014

United States, 21st November: The US has already issued around 8,000 US 10-Year visas to Chinese citizens since the launch of the new US visa policy around a week ago.

Yes, the US and China have reached a deal allowing travelers in both these nations to get 10-year multiple entry visas.

New US visa deal with ChinaUS New 10-year visa deal for Chinese visitors—US is alluring Chinese visitors with its latest 10-year visa deal. The aim of the new US 10-Year multiple-entry visas is to increase the trade efforts for attracting more Chinese to the US shores.

Details of the new US visa deal with Chinese—As part of the new reciprocal agreement between the US and China, 10-year multiple-entry US visas will be granted to travelers on short-term business visas and tourist visas.

And the validity duration of new student visas will be five years as compared to the earlier one-year validity visas.

<blockquote>The US and China have signed a new deal allowing Chinese with new 10-year multiple-entry visas to Chinese and five-year Student visas for foreign students from China. </blockquote>

US to ensure current visa processing time–The US Consulate officials feel a growth in the number of US Visa applicants following the recent US and China pact. For dealing with this rush, the US is going to deploy increased staff to help keep the processing time to the 5 days.

A point worth notable in this regard is that the US visa scheme with China is a long-term reciprocal pact between the two nations. Most of the businesspeople and tourists in China need to be assured of getting 10-year US visas. Hence, there is no requirement of rushing to apply for US 10-year multiple-entry visas, affirmed the visa unit chief at the US Consulate, John M. Grondelski.

Also, it needs to be taken care of that the US 10-year visa will not mean allowing 10-year stay in the US. Rather, it simply means allowing the holder of the US 10-Year multiple entry visa to travel between China and the US for a number of times on a single US visa during the validity duration of 10-years.

It is being stated that the latest facility of the multiple entry US visas for Chinese will prove to be a lot more convenient and also help in saving money for Chinese travelers to the US. This was affirmed by the US Ambassador to China, Max Baucus in Beijing.


Obama Plans to shield 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation

Written by Top Story Nov 21, 2014

United States, 20th November: The US President Barack Obama is considering to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Yes, that’s quite true.

As per the plans, Obama wants to offer reprieve to undocumented immigrants whose children have been born in the US.

Obama’s Executive Action for undocumented immigrants—Undocumented immigrants whose children were born in the US may be offered relief by the US President Obama. As per the proposals being considered, the pending US executive action will be offering eligibility for DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program 2012.

<blockquote> Obama may offer protection to around 4 or 5 million undocumented immigrants whose children have been born in the US under his executive action proposal. </blockquote>

Obama Plans to shield 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportationObama’s executive Action plan opposed by Republicans–The US executive action plan is being aimed to be a partial reform for the US immigration system. Obama intends to stop inclusion of parents whose children were brought to the US unlawfully. That’s because such a move will lead to separation of parents from their children. And he has centered his executive action plan on family unification.

These undocumented immigrants are called Dreamers. Democrats want to include these undocumented immigrants under the present immigration plan. Republicans want to put on a hold the executive action of Obama alleging such a step will stab the bipartisan compromise.

A point worth notable in this regard is that Republicans don’t seem to have unity on the issue of immigration. And this may prove to be their loss. Nonetheless, Republicans want to shut down the steps of the US President. So, they are up in arms against the US President’s proposed executive action.

The proposed move by Obama will win him a big support from Hispanics.

Other highlights of Obama’s executive action plan—Obama wants to offer an expansion to a program allowing work permits for a period of up to 29 months to foreign grads from US universities having degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and match. This will provide increased pool of workers for filling high-tech US jobs.

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth mentioned that the US has already increased the qualifying study fields as the eligibility requirements for the program in the year 2012.

As to the exact number of people to get protection from the proposed Executive action, it really depends on the way the executive action gets structured and whether it will require undocumented immigrant parents and US permanent residents and US citizens’ spouses to have been lived in the US for a period of five years or ten years.

UK to ban EU migrants for two years from getting jobless benefits

Written by Top Story Nov 20, 2014

United Kingdom, 19th November: Labor is considering a ban on jobless EU migrants from getting jobless benefits for a period of two years.

This is the latest proposal of the Labor for reforming in-work benefits.

Two years ban likely for EU migrants from getting jobless benefits—Getting jobless benefits for EU jobless migrants may soon be banned for a period of two years. This is the latest proposal being considered by Labor government.

UK to ban EU migrants for two years from getting jobless benefitsAs per the details, Labor wants extension of the present delay of three-months for claiming dole in the UK.

<blockquote> The Labor is seeking to put of ban of two years for EU jobless migrants wanting to claim jobless benefits in the UK. </blockquote>

As per the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Rachel Reeves, the Labor is going to extend the time for which migrants from the EU claiming jobless benefits to two years from the current three months.

New requirement for EU jobless migrants in the UK--Current rules require EU migrants wanting to claim jobless benefits to be present in the UK for a minimum period of three months. However, the UK has another requirement now. It requires EU migrants to prove they have a genuine opportunity or chance for finding job if they wish to continue getting their jobseeker’s benefit after being on the dole for a period of six months.

Reeves further has plan to put an end to the child benefit sent overseas and intends to tighten the noose on in-work benefits for EU migrants. She wants to limit access available to tax credits by employees for topping-up low wages.

All these latest proposals aim to control welfare tourism in the UK. She feels the current system of benefits was not designed for the current levels of immigration in the UK.

Agreement across the EU needed--But, before all the above stated proposals become law in the UK, they will need agreement across the EU. Although Reeve has already held discussions with ministers in Germany and France and feels optimistic of securing an agreement.

Still, it needs to be notable that major proposals are not lawful under current EU norms. As a result, several member states have not given their consent to benefit rule changes.

Nonetheless, Reeve is firm on bringing about responsibility and fairness at the UK welfare system by restricting benefits for EU migrants.

UK’s New E-Visa Services make UK travel easier

Written by Top Story Nov 18, 2014

United Kingdom, 18th November: The UK government is all set to extend its Super Priority Service by offering 24-hour application processing by the month of April next year.

The UAE residents wanting to travel to the UK will be facilitated by the new UK visa services.

UK's New E-Visa ServicesNew easier UK visa services for UAE residents—Come April 2015 and the UK is going to introduce its new visa services for UAE residents. Yes, the details show that the UK will extend its Super Priority Visa service by including visit visa applications along with some study and work applications.

<blockquote> The UK Super Priority Visa service will be extended to visit visa, study visa and work visa applications for UAE residents from April 2015. </blockquote>

The UAE residents need to note that such applications need to be submitted at the application centers of UK visas in international cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Special UK visa service will ensure processing of UK visa applications within a record span of 24 hours. However, for this, applicants shall have to shell out an increased cost of £600(equivalent to Dh3,471).

24 hour visa service for UAE welcomed—Philip Parham, the UK Ambassador to the UAE, has welcomed the great step introduced by the UK for UAE residents. Speaking about the step, Parham said he is really happy to have a 24-hour visa service for UK Visa applicants from the UAE by April 2015.

This facility will be a much needed step in the way of improvising UK visa services for the foreigners.

And this will also help in making the UK a top preferred global destination for not just business purpose but also for leisure, he affirmed. The UK has already introduced the special Electronic Visa Waiver for Emiratis. And around 40,000 Electronic Visa Waivers have already been done by Emirati nationals since the beginning of the year 2014.

e-passport—We need to know what is meant by an e-passport. Well, an e-passport happens to be combined paper and an electronic passport that is embedded with a small chip(microchip). This microchip stores biometric details including the fingerprint of the bearer, eye scan and his or her picture.

This information can be read by the immigration officers(on the chip) by the use of a microchip reading device, thereby offering an additional verification about the passport being authentic and genuine as well as providing to be a proof check of the bearer’s identity with the information printed on the passport.

Federal Court Ruling Giving Powers to Refugee Appeal Division Challenged Again

Written by Top Story Nov 15, 2014

The ruling given by the Federal Court in August, giving broader powers to (RAD) Refugee Appeal Division to look into the cases of refugees has been challenged by Chris Alexander, Canadian Immigration Minister.

RADThe backdrop: Federal Court ruling that sought to broaden the scope and powers of RAD

In August 2013, a judge of the federal Court objected to the working process of RAD of IRB saying that it was evaluating the claims of refugees solely on the basis of legal angle. The court gave a ruling that allowed more powers to the RAD to overturn such decisions. 

The ruling was given by Michael Phelan in a case involving three people who had entered into Canada after arriving in the US on a visitor visa. These three were a couple and the mother of the man who claimed that they were serving the US government in Kosovo. They were facing threats from the Islamic extremists and Kosovo Police did nothing to protect them. Their plea to be given refugee status in Canada was rejected by the RAD on the technical grounds.

The ruling broadens the scope and powers of the RAD and allows it to function as a judicial review body rather than simply function as an appellate body. The judgment allows the RAD to arrive at a decision independently and to review all aspects of a refugee claim instead of taking a look at the reasonableness of a decision made by the Refugee Protection Board. 

The Federal government appealed against the ruling

The Government has not been particularly pleased with this judgment and it has already opposed broadening of the power and scope of the RAD. However, in its appeal, the government has sought clarification of the ruling given by the Federal Court. There are many who are critical of the government move. They say that government is not interested in a fair assessment of refugee claims.

Peter Showler, an ex-chairman of the IRB and Professor emeritus at the Ottawa University, feels that the knee jerk reaction of the government indicates that it wants to keep the number of refugees coming to Canada down to a minimum.

This is the second time in a matter of a few weeks that the Federal Government has appealed against the court rulings in matters related to the refugees. Last month, the government appealed against a ruling given by a judge who found cuts in government funding for health care of refugees unusual and cruel.

Obama Administration To Cut Down On Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Written by Top Story Nov 14, 2014

Obama Administration To Cut Down On Deportation of Illegal ImmigrantsObama administration has serious plans to introduce reforms in immigration laws in the weeks to come. The efforts are aimed at preventing deportation of undocumented immigrants. There are at present more than 5 million illegal immigrants living in the country. By announcing reforms in the immigration system, Obama could provide relief, albeit temporary to thousands of immigrants living in the US. With fresh legislation on immigration not seeing the light of the day because of a divided Congress on this issue, Obama plans to introduce reforms through executive order. The President is of the view that humanitarian angle alone justifies these reforms and they cannot be put on a back burner any longer.

Obama’s initiative is being welcomed by the families of immigrants. There are many families with parents not having legal documents while their kids are the US citizens by birth. These parents always live under the fear of being deported from US. However, when the measures announced by Obama becomes a reality, these parents would be able to live legally and even obtain work permits.

These immigration reforms will help in keeping thousands of families united was confirmed by Josh Earnest, the official spokesperson at the White House. He was talking to the media during the recently concluded ASEAN summit in Myanmar when He went on to add that Obama is close to announcing his new scheme. These reforms would benefit millions of illegal immigrants who have been living in the US for at least 5 years.

It is not the first time that a President is mulling executive orders to introduce immigration reforms. Nearly 20000 Nicaraguans were saved from deportation on orders of President Reagan. However, there are political observers who see desperation in this sudden eagerness to pass immigration reforms. Observers believe that Obama knows that Republicans are in favor of these reforms. By passing them now through an executive order, Democrats would undermine the efforts of Republicans as well as get sympathy and appreciation from sizeable voters.

Obama administration, however, has no plans to go lenient on illegal immigrants who either are criminals or are foreigners that pose risk to national security.

The stunning defeat that Democrats suffered at the hands of the Republicans in November 4 elections  means it is no longer possible for the government to get immigration reforms passed through legislation in the Congress. These reforms formed the basis of Obama election plank during his re-election in 2012. This is why passage of immigration reforms through executive order seems to be the only option for the Obama administration.

Obama plans to enable Immigrants live and work in the US

Written by Top Story Nov 14, 2014

United States, 14th November: US President Barack Obama is planning to offer immigrants to live and work in the US.

Yes, this is the latest plan by the US President Obama for immigrants.

US may shield 5 million immigrants from deportation—US President Obama is planning to offer around 5 million undocumented immigrants the opportunity to live and work in the US soon. This is going to be possible through an executive action for shielding around 5 million undocumented aliens living in the US.

<blockquote> The US President may soon order allowing 5 million undocumented immigrants the privelege to live and work in the US. </blockquote>

US Shield for 5 million undocumented immigrantsThis step is a part of a wider overhaul for the US immigration enforcement process. This step will be saving nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants from the threat of getting deported from the US. That would be a really welcome step for undocumented immigrants in the US.

US Work permits for undocumented immigrants?—Yes, that seems almost true. As per the executive action, the US plans to offer US work permits to a large number of undocumented immigrants living in the US. This information comes from the administration officers with knowledge of the US immigration executive action plan.

Lets see draft plan’s 10 points

  • Expansion of deferred action for young undocumented immigrants—Obama plans to expand deferred action to undocumented immigrants having come to the US as young children before June 2007 and aged below 31 as on June 2012. The expansion means covering anyone who came before 16 and changing cut-off to Jan 1, 2010.
  • Expansion of deferred action(for Parents of legal US permanent residents and US citizens) by allowing 4.5 million undocumented immigrant adults to live in the US.
  • Prioritizing deportations for individuals posing a threat including serious criminals.
  • Ending Secure Communities program and beginning a new program.
  • Expansion of high tech visas for foreign workers having high-tech skills for suppporting US businesses.
  • US plans to strengthen border security for dealing with undocumented immigrant traffic.
  • Boosting pay for ICE officers for increasing their morale.
  • Expansion of provisional waivers for spouses and children of legal US permanent residents announced in January 2013.
  • Expansion of parole for undocumented immigrant relatives and spouses of US military members by enabling them live on parole status(provided they are already in the US).
  • Promotion of naturalization process by decreasing US naturalization fee by fifty percet for first 10,000 applicants.


Illegal Immigrants Register Fake Crime Reports for U-Visa

Written by Top Story Nov 13, 2014

US government grants special visas to nearly U- visa is a special visa, granted to illegal immigrants who are unfortunate victims of violence. 10000 illegal immigrants who have been victims of  violent attacks and crimes against them every year, Taking advantage of this fact, there has been a spurt in the number of illegal immigrants reporting false violent crimes against them to secure a visa. It was revealed in a recent report based upon real incidents involving illegal immigrants. U-visa is a special visa, granted to illegal immigrants who are unfortunate victims of violence.

Oscar Beltran, an illegal immigrant whose case immigration was soon going to be heard, recently went to a police station and reported that he was hit on the forehead  with a pistol by two men in a parking lot. He told police that the robbers took away $6000 from him. Police later found out that Oscar had staged the robbery and there was no truth in his story. He had done it only to present himself as a victim of     a violent crime that would make him eligible for a U-visa.  Cases like Oscar are not uncommon as illegal immigrants fearful of being evicted from US see U-visa as a golden opportunity to get a chance to stay legally in the country.

The Police Department of Charlotte-Mecklenburg recently revealed that it had received no less than 700 applications from illegal immigrants this year; all claim to have faced and survived violent crimes against them.

Getting a U-visa stops any further proceedings against the illegal immigrants. It is valid for a long time period of 4 years. This is the reason why more and more illegal immigrants are faking violent crimes against them to prevent their deportation. According to Robyn Withrow is a district attorney looking after applications of such cases. She recently said that she has sent only about 30% of the 250 such cases brought to her notice for further consideration of immigration authorities.

U-visa is a special visa that can be granted to not only adults, but also to the minors who have been victims of violent crimes against them. These crimes range from physical to psychological stress and trauma. If an illegal immigrant is found to have been at the receiving end of such a crime, he is awarded U-visa that makes him eligible for legal stay in the country for a long time period with the maximum limit being 4 years. This visa also allows the victim to work legally in the country.