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Does Divorce Threaten the Green Card or other Residential Status of a US Immigrant?

If you have received a Green Card for residency in US on the basis of your marriage to a US citizen, then a divorce could hamper your residential status. According to the US laws of immigration, only those marriages that are legal and actual are qualified to be considered for resident visa applications. As long […]

The Process of Filing an Appeal Against a Canadian Deportation Order

If an Individual with a Canadian permanent residency, a foreign national, or a refugee, is ordered to be deported from the country, he or she can make an appeal against the order to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) which is under the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The appeal should be made within […]

Fall in Number of Canadian Immigrants Becoming Citizens a Matter of Concern

There is a steep fall in the number of Canadian immigrants going on to become citizens. In the year 2000, 79% of immigrants became Canadian citizens, while in 2007, it was 44% and 2008 it was 26%. Mr Andrew Griffith, former Director-General, reveals that the recent reforms in citizenship policies are a major reason behind […]

A Change in Scotland’s Post Study Work Visa Recommended

The Post-Study Work visa policy abolished in 2012 is set to be re-introduced after a report submitted by the Post-Study Work Working Group set up by the Government of Scotland in the year 2014 recommended its re-introduction. Under the previous policy, a non-EU student who completed his study in Scotland could stay back and work […]

Fraud Oil Companies Fleecing Money with False Promises

The bleak market outlook for oil companies and the resultant job layoffs and pay cuts have caused the mushrooming of websites offering false jobs in oil patches that does not exist. Service Alberta, in a statement, has warned of the increasing online frauds in the name of non-existing companies or oil fields. They revealed the […]

Increasing Number of Immigrants Seeking to Settle in Saskatchewan

The number of new immigrants seeking to settle in Saskatchewan has seen marked increase in the recent years. Infact, in the past decade there has been a triple-fold increase. According to a study conducted by Statistics Canada, 2.7% of the 280,682 immigrants who came to Canada in 2010 chose to settle in Saskatchewan. In the […]

UK immigration Changes April 2015

United Kingdom, 18th March: UK immigration changes coming into effect from April 2015 are being discussed here in detail.   As per the information available, the UK immigration department will be introducing changes to the UK visa rules with effect from April 2015.   UK immigration changes from April—Come April 2015 and the UK immigration […]

The Increasing Intolerance towards Minority Immigrants in Canada

A recent survey conducted in Canada has found that there is a growing sense of intolerance towards minority immigrants in Canada. The intolerance is more because of security concerns than religious differences. The study has found that 46% of Canadians felt that there are too many immigrants. In 2005, only 25% of Canadians felt that […]

Problems Faced by New Immigrants Seeking Jobs in Canada

A recent study, that assessed the trouble new immigrants in Canada face while trying to settle down, found that finding the right employment was a problem that 46% of the new immigrants faced. Getting fluency in the local language was a problem faced by 26% of the respondents, while the climate was a problem for […]


In December 2014, Australia was rudely awakened by the Sydney Siege. Man Haron Monis took around 20 hostages on gun point in Lindt Chocolate Café in Martin Place, Sydney. Man Haron Monis was a loner. He wasn’t taking any commands from anyone, but his act was treated as a terrorist attack and was responded accordingly. […]