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Changes to Australia 457 Visa Program

Australia, 24th April: Australia 457 visa rules have been changed and new Australia 457 visa rules have become effective. Let us see the changes to this Australia visa program in detail here. <blockquote> Australia 457 visa rules have undergone several changes becoming effective now. </blockquote> English Language requirement—As per the new ruling for Australia 457 […]

Australia Student Visa Reform

Australia, 22nd April: Australia is likely to allow increased number of foreign students to stay here after successful completion of their studies in Australia. This might become a reality in the coming four years period, hints a proposal by the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection in December 2014. Australia may allow increased number […]

US Citizenship Application—Mistakes to Avoid

United States, 20th April: Are you an aspirant for US Citizenship? If yes, then you need to be wary of some common mistakes made by many applicants for US citizenship. Here are some US citizenship mistakes to avoid— US Citizenship Mistakes—Keeping in view the growing denial rates of US citizenship applications, let us see which […]

The Canadian Four Year Rule for Temporary Foreign Workers Now in Place

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)’s 4×4 year policy for the Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) came into effect from April 1st 2015. This policy was introduced in April 2011 seeking to restrict the period for a TFW to work in Canada to only four years in a row. At the completion of the four years […]

Australia Seeks More AU pairs, Extension of Australia Visas for Live-in Nannies

Australia, 19th April: Australia is considering extension of Australia visas for Live-in Nannies as it witnessed an increased demand for them. So, the message is clear. More nannies are needed to Australia for helping the healthcare crisis. Australia work visas length to be doubled—Australia is considering to double the length of its work visas for […]

The Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Youngsters from countries that have bilateral arrangement for youth mobility with Canada are given a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) by the International Experience Canada (IEC) to holiday in Canada while working. This program is managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada and program was introduced by the IEC in the year […]

Canadian Permanent Residency Renewal Process and Visa Myths

Canadian Permanent Residency Visas are generally valid for upto five years from the date of issue and the date of expiry is mentioned in the PR card. You have to re-apply for a new PR card six months prior to its expiry. Renewal Process To apply for the renewal of your PR cards you should […]

Options for Getting Back in Canada for Temporary Foreign Workers

Canada, 8th April: Are you a temporary foreign worker wanting to know options available before you to get back in Canada lawfully? If yes, then here we are going to discuss different choices for a temporary foreign worker wanting to get back into Canada through legal means. Canada permanent residency application—A good option for a […]


From 21st of February 2015, employers who seek foreign workers through their International Mobility Program face new and challenging regulations and charges. Under the new work permit application process, employers are required to submit detailed information about their business and pay a processing fee of CAD$ 230. In addition to the processing fee of CAD$ […]

Does Divorce Threaten the Green Card or other Residential Status of a US Immigrant?

If you have received a Green Card for residency in US on the basis of your marriage to a US citizen, then a divorce could hamper your residential status. According to the US laws of immigration, only those marriages that are legal and actual are qualified to be considered for resident visa applications. As long […]