US Immigration Queries Answered

United States, 7th September: Here are some important US immigration queries answered.

So, let us see these here now.

US Immigration Queries AnsweredUS Immigration queries answered—Let us see here some significant US immigration queries answered. So, let us begin the discussion here now. Here we go.

“ Is your passport expiring this year? What to do in such a scenario? Let us know in details here. “

Passport expiring this year—What to do for my visa appointment—Is your passport expiring this year? Yes? And your visa appointment is also this year? What to do now? Well, no need to panic. We are going to discuss this issue in detail here now.

The first and foremost important thing is to renew your passport before your visa appointment. You need to be aware of the fact that US visa rules can vary for one national to another. Normally, consular officials take a decision on a case-by-case basis if a US visa can be placed in any passport to expire soon.

The visa officials will ask to get a new passport provided you have sufficient time to make an application for it before your travel. Still, you need to schedule your visa appointment. Also, you must plan to visit the embassy with your current passport. If one requests a new passport at the time of one’s interview, there is no additional visa fee. Yes, that is quite true.

Six month rule—what is it?—Well, ‘six month rule’ is that most of the nationals need to have their passports that are valid for at least six months after they intend to return from the US. Their passports must have a seven months until expiry on the day of their travel to stay for one month in the US.

This is true for all nationals except Jamaican passport holders. Jamaicans can come to the US up to the day of the expiry of their passport. Yes, its true.

Will your passport expire in this year? If yes, then it is advisable that before travelling, you must get it renewed. This is if, for any reason, you may have to stay in the US for longer period than expected.