New Zealand immigration minister praises migrant workers

Quoting statistics from a survey done last year involving 424 employers and a large number of immigrants having contact with Immigration New Zealand, Mr. Coleman said eighty-seven percent of employers rated their employees as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

The survey carried out by New Zealand’s Department of Labor analyzed various issues and advantages of employing migrants in New Zealand.

Minister Coleman stated that nearly one third of New Zealand employers agreed that migrant workers in New Zealand possessed requisite skills and experience that was not found in New Zealand. Every one out of five employers that participated in the survey said that he did not face any obstacles in hiring a migrant worker in New Zealand.

Employers participating in the survey agreed that migrant workers received high ratings for their positive attitude and the requisite skills and experience possessed by them.

There was a huge positive effect of migrant workers on the economy of a nation, Mr. Coleman stated. In the year 2005-06, net contributions made by migrants towards New Zealand’s economy was $3.3 billion.

Migrant workers play a vital role in the economy of New Zealand and the survey has clearly reinforced their high value to their employers, he asserted.

He said that New Zealand needs migrants to fill in skill labor gaps in the employment market.

It is these migrants that help in filing the positions for which no local staff is found to be having requisite skills or experience. Hence, immigrants help in enabling smooth running of businesses and increased growth for the economy.

Nearly 60 percent of the total workforce growth in New Zealand was from temporary as well as permanent migrants between 2001 and 2006.

British migrants happen to be highly sought-after by various employers in New Zealand.