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Why Province Nominated Immigrants can Move Freely Anywhere in Canada?

The Canadian law permits free movement of the province nominated immigrants anywhere in Canada. The legislative right concerning Canadian immigration is shared equally between the Federal Government and the provinces, except for Quebec, as the Quebec government acquired exclusive rights to establish its policies and programs in 1981.

The Canadian legislation provides various provincial rights to their permanent citizens concerning the freedom of moving anywhere in Canada.

Canadian Charter Rights of Mobility

As a part of the Canadian constitution, the mobility rights under section 6 of the Canadian Charter provides the right to live and work in any Canadian province.

It clearly states that every Canadian permanent resident has the right to move, live and work to earn a livelihood in any region.

Eligibility for Getting Benefits Under Mobility Rights

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of mobility rights, you must have the status of a permanent resident of Canada and your age must be 18 or above. 

Application of Mobility Rights for Immigrants

After choosing an applicant, the federal department of Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) will look after admissibility issues which also includes health and security.

Although after landing at a Port of Entry (POE) in Canada, the Canadian Border Services Agency will also ensure admissibility, along with the verification of the truthfulness of an applicant’s intentions for residing in a particular province.

Province Approved Immigrants are Free to Move Anywhere in Canada
Free Move in Canada for Province Approved Immigrants

Once you receive the affirmation of permanent residence and enter Canada, you are free to move, live and work anywhere in Canada under the Canadian Charter Rights of mobility.

Types of Entries in Canada

Immigrating to Canada and getting permanent citizenship is a daunting task as sometimes applicants don’t know which scheme or entry type they should choose to be a Canadian citizen. Well, let’s take a brief look at a few entry types.

Express Entry (EE)

It is an online application process for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently. Under this system, officials will consider your application as per the highest ranking.

Management of three Canadian immigration programs comes under the Express Entry system.

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

In this method of recruitment, the Canadian provinces, and territories nominate individuals, as per their requirements of streams and target groups such as students, skilled workers, business people, semi-skilled workers who wish to settle in a particular region.

Two ways exist to apply under PNP. First, a paper-based application process that you can use to apply for the non-Express Entry. Second, applying online under the Express Entry scheme.

Section 87 (1) and (2) of the SOR (2002-227), i.e. the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations defines the provincial nominee class and who can become a part of that class.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Covered under the Express Entry, it refers to the selection of applicants over a few selection factors in which an applicant gets judged out of a score of 100. If you score 67 or above, you are usually eligible for this entry type.

The Takeaway

Since 2014, the Canadian Government has closed the federal immigrant investor program. However, Quebec province has two categories of business immigrations, namely Quebec Investor Program and Quebec Entrepreneur Program. You may need to check the requirements to apply under these programs.


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