Do You Need Travel Insurance While Visiting Canada or The U.S. as a Visitor?

The USA and Canada have always been among the most sought after nations in the world for travellers. People in both countries live a highly luxurious and blithesome life. Planning to travel to these beautiful countries on a family vacation, for academic pursuit, or for a business trip, taking travel insurance is advisable.

Why do You Need International Travel Insurance?

Governments in countries like Canada and the U.S. do not provide any health benefits or coverage to the visitors. Therefore, if the need arises, you can end up with a big dent in your pocket without proper travel insurance coverage.

Do You Need Travel Insurance While Visiting Canada or The U.S. as a Visitor?
Travel Insurance Coverage While Visiting the U.S. or Canada is beneficial

Non-Canadian and Non-U.S. citizens travelling to these countries as visitors are eligible for Travel insurance.

What Kind of Policy Should You Choose?

A comprehensive travel insurance plan provides cover for all the medical and general needs of you and your family. Therefore, selecting an Insurance policy having full coverage for your trip, including stay and travel within Canada or the U.S. is beneficial.

Various insurance plans are available in the market. However, most travellers prefer only two types of international travel insurance. Let’s understand these plans briefly.

Vacation Plan

Sometimes termed as a package plan, the vacation plan provides comprehensive coverage to travellers. The plan, providing most coverage in a single package, includes evacuations, trip cancellation, loss of luggage, uninterrupted flights, medical emergencies, 24/7 Assistance and much more. Over 94% of visitors choose the Vacation Plan as their first choice.

Travel Medical Plan

Regular health insurance plans don’t cover your claim outside your home country.
Therefore, you need a travel medical plan to cover you beyond your regular health plan. God forbid if you face some health-related issues in Canada or the U.S. travel, a travel medical plan can cut down the extra financial burden.

Usually, a travel medical plan focuses on medical emergencies and evacuation. If you are not anxious about trip cancellation, interruption, delays, and loss of baggage while travelling outside your native country, then this type of insurance plan is perfect for you.

Some travel medical plans even provide extra benefits of multi-trip protection, covering your pre-existing conditions, evacuation for a medical emergency, and covering extended travel abroad.

The Takeaway

Having travel insurance is always resourceful while travelling abroad as it assists you to maintain your budget. However, detailed research as per your requirement is advisable before choosing any travel insurance plan.

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