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Interview Questions for Spousal Visa and Sponsorship

Once the documentation of your spouse is in place and all the paperwork is completed, the next step would be an interview by the visa officer. It is advised to be prepared for this process, as it could be stressful in case you aren’t.  The visa officer is the one who decides if your application will be processed or not and this makes it very crucial to do well at the interview. The screening interviews that take place with the border officers are less complex than with the visa officer. 

Interview Questions for Spousal Visa and Sponsorship
Interview Questions for Spousal Visa and Sponsorship

A few points to remember is that make sure you provide all the necessary information and genuine documents. Also, it is not possible to predict all the questions that could be asked by a visa officer, as they could ask you any questions to uncover any false information.

Based on the country of origin, the questions could also be on culture, arranged marriage or even certain traditions or customs.

A few possible Interview Questions for Spousal Visa and Sponsorship are listed below?

Interview Questions for Spousal Visa and Sponsorship
Interview Questions for Spousal Visa and Sponsorship
  1. How did both of you meet?
  2. Describe how you both met with all the details?
  3. Who proposed and when?
  4. Were engagement rings exchanged?
  5. When did you get married?
  6. Where did you purchase the wedding ring?
  7. Were pictures exchanged before you both met?
  8. What work is your husband into?
  9. Could you name the organization where your husband/wife works?
  10. What are the educational qualifications of your husband?
  11. Where did he complete his education?
  12. How many years has he lived in Canada?
  13. When did your husband migrate to Canada?
  14. Which city is he residing in at present?
  15. When did your husband obtain the PR?
  16. What is his date of birth?
  17. Has he taken the house on rent or owns a house?
  18. Who all lives with him?
  19. Describe the residence where he lives
  20. How many cars are owned by your husband?
  21. What kind of cars does he own?
  22. Have you seen the home of your husband?
  23. What is the color of the cars?
  24. What are the work hours of your husband?
  25. What are the earnings of your husband?
  26. Does your husband have any savings?
  27. How many siblings does he have?
  28. What are your hobbies or personal interests?
  29. What kind of sports does your husband like?
  30. Who does the cooking?

The above questions are just a few samples, however, remember that the questions will not be limited to these handfuls of questions. All you need to do is prepare well for all the questions possible and answer them calmly. 


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