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Seeking a Job in Canada? The perfect guide to Canadian Style Resume Writing

Usually, having a good resume is like a marketing document, a document that markets your skills and qualifications. According to studies conducted, employers spend about 20 seconds to glance over the resume. This calls for a resume that is well-organized and is visually attractive, well-formatted and error-free. You must remember that your resume has to be modified as per the Canadian employers that you are applying for. Thus, you need to know the tips for Canadian Style Resume Writing.

Canadian Style Resume Writing
Seeking a Job in Canada? The perfect guide to Canadian Style Resume Writing

Generally, Canadian employers expect the information mentioned below in a resume. Thus, read the perfect guide to Canadian Style Resume Writing.

  1. Contact Information

You must include details like your name, present home address, contact numbers with area codes, as well as your email address.

  1. Career Objective

The opening statement of any resume is the career objective. This defines the position/field that you are applying for. It is crucial that the career objective must be very clear, brief and tailored to the position that you apply for.

  1. Education

In this section, you will provide your academic information, starting from the recent degree held with the subject of major and the date of graduation.

  1. Experience

Your work experience is the area that is scrutinized by the employers. Those who have just graduated and have no work experience must include their internship details, or part-time employment, or even summer jobs. The company name, the location and the employer details have to be mentioned. It is good to opt for a bulleted list in this section.

Canadian Style Resume Writing
Seeking a Job in Canada? The perfect guide to Canadian Style Resume Writing
  1. Qualifications and Skills

It is recommended that you must include a section that gives a gist of the qualifications and skills that can be related to your career objective, in a bullet list.

  1. Honors and Activities

A few resumes include a section that provides a gist of the honours received and/or activities that exhibit solid academic abilities, like scholarships, honorary societies, and even extra-curricular activities. 

  1. References

You can opt to include the references or you can also state that “References will be available on request” and this has to be located at the bottom of the resume. In case you have provided the references, you must ensure that they can be contacted at the numbers mentioned.  Also, it is recommended to advise those listed as references that they could be contacted by the employer. 

Few Tips to Write a Resume:

  1. The document must be error-free. 
  2. A personalized cover letter is a must
  3. The resume must contain “action words” (for instance, Achieved, created, acquired, etc.)
  4. All terms must be converted to the North American equivalent. For instance, terms such as “high school”, “internship”, “GPA”  etc.
  5. The entire document has to be left-justified
  6. The standard font needs to be used (10-14 font size)


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