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Global Talent Stream Program – Is It Right for Your Canada Visa Application?

For many years the United States was the dream destination for people from engineering and technology backgrounds when they looked out for immigration options, but of late Canada has become the top choice. The government of Canada provides excellent immigration opportunities to build a career, especially in the field of science and technology. Global Talent Stream is one of the best schemes that benefit people looking for skilled employment opportunities.

Global Talent Scheme
Global Talent Stream Program – Is It Right for Your Canada Visa Application?

Through the Global Talent Stream (GTS) program, certain skilled workers can get the work permit quite quickly, within just two weeks after applying. As an important part of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy, the Global Talent Stream helps the new ground-breaking companies grow faster by providing easy access to global talent. As it has been in the discussion, if the government of Canada makes the GTS program a permanent scheme, it will surely benefit the aspiring Indians, including those who are working in the U.S in grabbing the emerging employment opportunities in Canada.

How Can Global Talent Stream (GTS) Program Benefit You? 

If you are working in the STEM sectors (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics), the Global Talent Stream could be your best immigration visa option. With the GTS, the sponsoring employers can get the application processing work completed within only two weeks. Also, people who are hired through the GTS program have an advantage when they apply for permanent residency, especially via Express Entry Route, as it enables them to earn the preferred work experience.

Requirements for Applying to Global Talent Stream
Global Talent Stream Program – Is It Right for Your Canada Visa Application?

Eligibility for Global Talent Stream

For Employers:

If you are an employer wanting to hire global talents through the GTS program, you must comply with the requirements of the scheme. Also, you are required to uphold all the rules and regulations set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with regard to the hiring of a temporary immigrant.

For Employees:

If you are an aspiring skilled worker from the STEM sector, you could apply for work permits in Canada via either Category A or Category B of the Global Talent Stream program. You may become eligible for Category A if a designated partner of the Global Talent Stream has referred you to the program and if they are hiring unique and specific talents. You may become eligible for Category B when they are seeking to hire skilled foreign workers to fill the positions available on the Global Talent Occupations List. You do not need any referral to become eligible for Category B. 

global talent Scheme

Let’s understand these two categories of the Global Talent Stream further.  

Category A

Category A of the GTS program involves high-growth companies that demonstrate that the unique and specialized global talents are a must for its growth. These employers get referred to the program by any designated referral partners.

Category B

The Category B is for those employers who are looking to fill the positions found on the Global Talent Occupations List by recruiting highly skilled foreign workers. These are the positions that are required to be filled, but there is an insufficient labor supply within the country. This occupations list gets periodically updated as per the market needs.

Global Talent Scheme

Requirements for Applying to Global Talent Stream

There are certain requirements you must follow when you are applying for a work permit visa through the GTS program, which are:

  1. Submit a complete application 
  2. While completing the application process, self-identify for Global Talent Stream in the ‘Come to Canada’ wizard of your application.
  3. If your Diploma and Marriage Certificate (in case you are married) are not in English, get them legally translated to English before submitting.
  4. Attend the medical exams and submit the reports sincerely, as per the requirements of the Immigration Act and Regulations. 
  5. Submit your Employer Reference Letter
  6. Pay the required biometric fee when you are submitting the online application.
  7. Get your biometrics in advance of two weeks elapsing from the time of application.
  8. You may not need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) additionally; it will automatically be issued with the work permit, wherever applicable.
  9. You will need the visa as required by the Regulations, that gets issued as a part of the work permit process.

If the above requirements are not fulfilled, you are not submitting the necessary information, and IRCC officers will not be able to decide on your application within two weeks.

What happens after you apply?

Once your application process completes, a dedicated team at Employment and Social Development Canada will streamline the applications and provide services to all the Global Talent Stream employers. These employers can expect: 

  • Faster processing of the Global Talent Stream Applications with a service standard set at 10-business days starting from the day the Employment and Social Development Canada receives the application. You can expect there is 80% of the chances of your application being processed within the standard time.
  • Greater and personalized assistance all through the assessment process.

The popularity of the Global Talent Stream Program

Global talent scheme

According to the Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, there is a rise of 13% in the number of invites issued to the Indians from 2017 to 2018. The program has successfully brought-in some of the most highly skilled global talents to Canada through its global skill strategies.

The Global Talent Stream was initially started as a two-year pilot project but started playing an important role in Canada’s immigration program to benefit the country’s growing technology sector.

If you are pursuing your immigration dreams, then Global Talent Stream could be the best option. Seek advice from the right immigration agency to know if you qualify under the program to make the most of the benefits that you can get.         



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