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Temporary Residence Permit Canada Available For Victims Of Family Violence

Canada Provides residency Permits to victims of Domestic Violence

Summary: Canada has announced a temporary residence permit program for family violence victims, who are immigrants in Canada, and are foreign nationals and dependent on their abusive partner.

Temporary Residence Permit Canada Available For Victims Of Family Violence
Temporary Residence Permit Canada Available For Victims Of Family Violence


A law in favor of new arrivals to Canada, who are facing domestic violence or abuse inside their families, states that such victims can now apply for a Canadian temporary residence permit with an exemption of the fees. The temporary residence permit Canada will be granted to the eligible person by the Canadian government, and this will be valid up to a period of at least 6 months.

How this rule is going to help immigrants to Canada?

Many immigrants come to Canada with their spouse or partner, and start staying in a family, and then become victims of family violence abuse, etc. This new rule, which has been announced by the Canadian government is to help such victims escape the abusive and violent situation and atmosphere, and get a chance to take an informed better decision towards living.

The victim can apply for the temporary residence permit Canada without having to pay any fee for this permit. This fee-exempt is a way to encourage victims of family abuse and violence, who are out of status in the country, to escape out the situation, get away from the abuser, and find their way out of the problem while staying in the country with stability for a minimum of six months.

Newcomers to the nation, who are immigrants and out of status in Canada, and are in some way dependent on their abusive family or partner, can find their own stability in a period of the 180 days, which they are granted residence and temporary work permit in the country.

When will be the rule of granting citizenship to victims of domestic violence coming to effect?

The rule for applying for a temporary residence permit Canada has already come to effect from the 26 of July 2019. On 26 July the rule was announced and came to effect. That’s why now anyone who is eligible to apply on the ground of family violence, for the temporary residence permit Canada can do so. An immigration officer will study the case and application and would grant a minimum stay of 180 days in Canada to the applicant to help get out of the abusive situation and family, and also work independently in Canada on a temporary work permit.

Eligibility criteria for the temporary residence permit in Canada

One would be eligible to apply for the temporary residence permit Canada on the ground of out of status condition and family violence, if:

  • The person is staying inside Canada, and is a foreign national, and an immigrant to Canada, and is facing domestic abuse and violence by the spouse or legal partner or family. The abuse can be of various types like physical or sexual abuse, financial or mental abuse, etc. It may also be the denial to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical aid, and basic necessities by the family on whom the victim is dependent.
  • The person is compelled to stay in Canada only while being dependent on the abusive partner in a family and has proper citizenship of a foreign nation.

If the person is eligible for a temporary residence permit, then the person will also be eligible and can be granted health care benefits under the country’s Federal health program.


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