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How to Deal with the Rejection of your F-1 Visa Application?

If you dream of pursuing your education in the United States, the rejection of your F-1 visa application, might make you feel dejected and lost. During this time, you must remember not to panic. However, you need to stay calm and follow a few steps.

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How to Deal with the Rejection of your F-1 Visa Application?
  1. You must try to understand what went wrong that led to Rejection of your F-1 Visa Application

There are a few common reasons for rejection of student visas:

– Missing documents or faulty ones

– Poor behavior while being interviewed

– Poor display of English language skills  

– The interviewer may have felt that you are unable to support yourself financially as well as the education costs

– The interviewer must have felt you do not have enough proof to indicate that you will be returning to your home country post-graduation

– Background check failed

– You could not convince the interviewer on your choice of university or what you intend to do with the degree

– You were unable to give proper and convincing answers

  1. You must collect all the right documents, and prepare yourself well for all the questions, and stay calm.
  2. You need to re-apply 

Re-apply the f1 visa after Denial

rejection of F1 Visa

Now that you have figured out the issues, you can re-apply for the visa. Your information will be updated on the system within 24 hours with a rejection, post which you can proceed with the above steps. If your application has been rejected under 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), you will have to submit proof of the adjustments made to your application since the last attempt.

You must remember that there is always hope and there are plenty of opportunities to prove yourself. There numerous people who have faced many rejections before they finally obtained their visas. There is no limit to the number of times one can apply for the F-1 visa – although it will be wise to apply again post understanding what went wrong and correcting it.

You must remember that the US is not the only place for education. There are some amazing institutions across the world – from Australia, Germany, the UK or Canada – and they have a much more relaxed process of applying for the visa. They are also very good universities. Just because your heart and mind were set on the US does not mean that your dreams of studying abroad have to end on the rejection of your F-1 visa. When conducting research, you will realize that there are numerous universities in different countries where you could pursue your education. All you need to do is discover and let the mysteries unravel!


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