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Agreement for trans Pacific partnership – Purpose, Importance and its Benefits

The comprehensive and progressive agreement for trans Pacific partnership is known for being a free trade agreement between the 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region including Brunei, Australia, Japan, Chile, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam and Singapore, and Canada. This agreement came into enforcement on December 30, 2018, between six countries, which include Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Agreement for trans Pacific partnership - Purpose, Importance and its Benefits
Agreement for trans Pacific partnership – Purpose, Importance and its Benefits

The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate investment opportunities, market access, and trade among multiple parties. From the standpoint of immigration interest, this agreement contents several immigration options on a temporary basis for citizens of the member countries. From the perspective of Canada, the immigration provisions stated in the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trans Pacific partnership are aimed at enhancing the opportunities was supporting the growth of the economy is for Canadian businesses, adding greater predictability, expediency, and certainty of the immigration process. In comparison to the existing immigration policies of Canada, this new agreement leads to the betterment of the Canadians as well as the entire economy. It also enhances the reciprocity between member countries.

The immigration categories stated under the agreement are summarized below. No test of the Canadian market labor is required for the work permit streams specified under the agreement. In fact, there are no numerical restrictions or quotas for the applications.

Business visitors to Canada can hope to gain from it

Some permanent residents and citizens of the member countries who qualify as business visitors can stay in Canada for 6 months with the help of possible extensions.

Business visitors requesting temporary entry in the country need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The principal business place, as well as the predominant location of profit accrual, should remain outside Canada.
  2. The primary remuneration source for proposed business activities should stay outside Canada

Moreover, business visitors should be engaged in any of the following business activities:

General service for Professionals intending to Visit Canada

It includes professionals engaging in business activities at a technical or professional level, supervisory and management personnel engaging in commercial transactions for firms located outside Canada, specific tourism personnel, specific financial services personnel conducting commercial transactions for organizations outside Canada and interpreters of translators performing services like employees for companies located outside Canada.

Distribution services prospect in Canada

It includes transportation operators involved in transporting passengers and goods from one location to another, situated completely outside Canada or transporting and loading goods and passengers from the country of Canada to a location which is situated outside Canada, without conducting the unloading service in Canada.

After-lease or after-sales service in Canada

This is presently available only to citizens of Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand who possess skilled knowledge that is essential for companies located outside Canada. There need to be a contract to repair, install, maintenance and supervisory services as well as training workers in order to perform services in respect to do a valid service contract. This activity should be in respect to the lease or sale of industrial equipment, commercial equipment, and machinery that have been leased or purchased from a specific organization that is located outside the country of Canada.

Sales and Marketing professionals Planning to Immigrate to Canada to benefit from it

Sales agents or representatives taking orders as well as negotiating contracts for services and goods for organizations located outside the country of Canada

Marketing Analysts working out side Canada to benefit from trans Pacific partnership

Marketing analysts and  marketing researchers conducting independent research work for organizations located outside Canada

Design and research professionals have better opportunities now to market their services in Canada

Scientific, technical or statistical researches undertaking independent research as well as research for specific organizations located outside Canada

Production and manufacturing – opportunities soar in Canada

Production for purchase management personal undertaking commercial transactions for organizations located outside Canada

Consultations and meetings

It includes conferences seminars and meetings

Intra corporate transferees

The inter-corporate transfer means one can stay in the country for a minimum of 3 years with possible extensions. Business persons are employed for minimum one year continuously in the preceding period of three years by one of the organizations in any of the member countries abroad, take to offer services in Canada to affiliated entities under one of the following categories:

  1. A management trainee on professional
  2. A specialist
  3. A manager or executive

The manager or executive and special category are similar to the present company categories stated under the general agreement on trade in services. But the management training and professional development are introduced as a new category for the intra-company transfer. It can be defined as an employee with a post-secondary degree who is presently working on a temporary assignment that is intended to broaden the knowledge and experience of the employees in a firm preparation for the senior leadership position in the premises of the company.

Investors planning to make investment in Canada stand to gain

Individuals invested a substantial amount of the capital into the country may apply for a work permit and stay there for a minimum one year with the possible extensions. Investors can be defined as a business individual seeking to develop, establish and administer an investment to which the business persons, enterprises have committed or is under the process of committing a particular amount of capital in a capacity that is executive supervisory and involved specific skills.

Technicians and professionals allowed to stay in Canada with chances of extension in Visa

Highly skilled technicians and professionals may stay for one year in Canada with the help of a possible extension. This agreement comes with a list of specific occupations that are permitted according to the country by country basis under this category.

What does this mean for the employers planning to hire immigrant workers

The agreement provides a new door of opportunities for the citizens of the member countries to work and visit in Canada on a temporary basis. Further, under the reciprocity principle, the immigration providing advantages to the member countries under the agreement are reciprocated and available for the qualifying Canadians. This makes the entry of Canadians in the member countries as well as provides the Canadian companies with the new immigration, facilities, investment and market opportunities in the member countries. The profession stated under the agreement effectively gives the employers in Canada an option in developing their workforce with the help of the skilled foreign nationals.



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