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Canada fails to issue Conference Visa on time

Education and knowledge have no barriers. Everyone has a right to education irrespective of where they come from. But recently the events happening in Canada contradicts that fact. The ISA 2019 conference is a big platform for scholars and students to showcase their talents. But the problem is Canada fails to issue Conference visa on time. Due to the U.S visa policies, many participants failed to reach the venue on time, and they missed their chance to attend such a big conference and the opportunity to boost up their knowledge. Do you think conducting the conference in Canada to deviate the crowd away from the U.S was a great plan?

Canada fails to issue Conference Visa on time
Canada fails to issue Conference Visa on time

What is the reason for shifting the conference from the U.S to Canada?

Everyone is well aware of the problems that people have to face for getting a visa to the United States. Hence, as a result, the crowd of foreigners started shifting from the United States to Canada. As a solution to avoid visa problems in the U.S the conference was shifted to Canada. But the problem people faced was their conference visa was not delivered on time.

The ISA conference (International Studies Association) is a great platform for students and graduates from all over the world. It basically is an innovation challenge where people get so much to learn and retrieve. ISA is a big organization which represents around 100 countries. Having nearly 6,500 members from all over the globe, the ISA contains member’s expertise in almost every field leading from scholars to graduates. The whole conference is dedicated to International studies. The basic idea of the conference is to share ideas and knowledge about the emerging sciences and contribute to the development of society.

This year the ISA conference is conducted in Toronto, Canada. To attend this conference people need a conference visa as a part of the visa policy. The policy states that for attending any conference or meeting the country people has to get a visa to enter the countries premise.

Conference visa refers to visa which the people require to attend the conference in the country. Due to late visa delivery, the participants have withdrawn their name from the ISA’s annual convention. The same problem is been continued from the past three years, hence it makes no difference if the conference was in the U.S or in Canada. Participants who applied for the visa within the time frame also failed to receive their visa on time to attend the conference. All these processes lead to a twitter outrage, and the participant’s expressed themselves about the issue.

What did Canada do to compensate for the participants’ loss?

The conference is a big platform to gain knowledge over several subjects. People come and attend the conference from all over the world, but many people will fail to attend the conference. After spending so much amount on the visa process, they still cannot attend the conference as their conference visa is not delivered on time. So to compensate for the loss,

  • Every participant who registered for the conference but could not attend will be refunded with the registered fee.
  • The Canada government will take up the expenses and they offered a partial reimbursement of the visa fees and all the other travel costs which the participant has been affected by.
  • For graduate students and scholars who are not a permanent citizen of the place will be given a reimbursement of $300 to $500.

The delay in conference visa procedure came out to be a problem for a lot of people. Problems like this prove to be a barricade between a person and knowledge. Because of some materialistic support, many people failed to grab their one and the best opportunity to prove themselves.

Also, the chances of meeting colleagues and sharing their experience with them were blown because of such problems. Problems like this sometimes make people lose hope in their opportunities. Financial loss is one thing but the waste of opportunity can cost more. International study is a dream for many students, and hence these type of conference and international platforms give them wings to fulfill their dreams.


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