Keep these Provinces in Mind for Easy Immigration To Canada

Evolution of the provincial nominee programs of Canada has constantly brought about a change in the list of occupations that are in demand. The various developments taking place in the programs become the deciding factor for immigrants to select the province to permanently move to. We present to you the list of provinces that you must keep in mind for easy Immigration To Canada.

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Keep these Provinces in Mind for Easy Immigration To Canada

The main developments in the provincial nominee program have taken place in  There are two main provincial nominee streams in Canada – enhanced and base nomination. There has been an increase in admission of new permanent residents of late and the various revisions in the below-mentioned states helps an individual decide on his immigration.

The Following Provinces to be kept in mind for Easy Immigration To Canada

  1.  Saskatchewan- One of the most preferred – and easiest province to Immigrate

    easiest province
    Keep these Provinces in Mind for Easy Immigration To Canada

Revisions have taken place in the list of in-demand occupations which has enhanced the sub-categories of Express entry and Occupation in demand of

International Skilled Worker and its base International Skilled Worker respectively.

Also, in both categories, candidates must have eligible work experience related to the occupation and a job offer is not mandatory to be eligible. The in-demand occupation list has grown from 20 to 24 with a change in the occupations.

The in-demand list of occupation is updated regularly by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) to reflect the evolving requirements of the labour market.

  1. Ontario- Most popular province for immigrants to Canada as it offers better earnings

Ontario is a popular destination for most of the immigrants every year. The new initiative taken by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has added 250 more spaces for the intermediate-skilled temporary foreign workers (TFWs).

The nominations are to be issued via the immigration pathways of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). All the streams of Human Capital Priorities, French-Speaking Skilled Worker and Skilled Trade permit the OINP to hunt the Express Entry pool in order to invite candidates who match the provincial as well as federal criteria. No job offer is required for eligibility. In addition to this, the Masters Graduate Stream will be reopened at the earliest.

  1. Nova Scotia- easy province to Immigrate but low Job potential

The main development was using the Express Entry-linked Labour Market Priorities Stream in order to invite those Express Entry candidates with relevant work experience either as financial auditors or as accountants. Also, a job offer from an employer is not a requirement.

Prior to the draw held on January 24 for financial auditors and accountants, their stream was used by the NSNP to look out for an invite Express Entry candidates who had work experience in the area of early childhood educators or even assistants.

Another draw that was held on March 20 targeted the Express Entry candidates who had listed their first language as French.

  1. Manitoba- good province to immigrate

In the recent developments, there has been an addition of two new pathways to the Skilled workers in Manitoba as well as the Skilled workers overseas which became a part of the renewal program inclusive of the enhanced nomination Manitoba Express Entry Pathway.

The Human Capital Pathway caters to international skilled worker applicants having the required work experience for any position that is on the in-demand list, amongst other criteria. Meanwhile, invitations are accepted under the prevailing criteria for the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream.

If you wish to migrate to any of the above-mentioned provinces of Canada, the provincial nominee programs offer many opportunities to pursue the Canadian permanent residence. Irrespective of whether you are an Express entry candidate or one seeking nomination via the base stream, it is advised to stay up-to-date on the evolving PNP situation of Canada.

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