What is Mentoring in Canada and How it can Help you Land a Job in Canada?

Having the right mentor at every stage in life has a huge impact on an individual- their character, values; it shapes the life of a person and defines him or her. A good mentor will help a person become a good human being. Having good peer groups, colleagues help an individual in the ups and downs of life by showing the right path and helping them achieve what they desire. Every stage of life has its ups and downs, be it education or work life or culture. Starting a new life as an immigrant in Canada is quite challenging as it might be tough to adapt to the work culture, the environment, etc. At this stage, having a mentor in Canada would definitely be a ray of hope. Thus, learn the importance of Mentoring in Canada here below. 

What is Mentoring in Canada and How it can Help you Land a Job in Canada?
What is Mentoring in Canada and How it can Help you Land a Job in Canada?

The Objective of Mentoring in Canada

Mentoring refers to advising, motivating, inspiring and uplifting behavior. The objective of a mentor is to ensure the growth of the mentee. Mentoring with an individual is very special as it gives you insights from the viewpoint of someone more experienced and successful. Mentors in Canada share their stories and encourage the mentee to find themselves a good job in Canada.

The general objective of a mentor is to help the mentee in professional and personal development.  The mentor can only advise and give insights into the industry. While interning at any organization in Canada, a mentor is extremely helpful as he or she gives you valuable insights into the industry and provides orientation and support. A mentor gives you the practical knowledge along with required resources which helps in the long term development of your career.

How a Mentor Helps you in Getting a Job in Canada

A mentor introduces you to many networking opportunities which helps you interact with other professionals and colleagues informal as well as informal settings. This helps in growing your professional network. A mentor will also give you regular feedback which helps you to achieve the career goals and the deliverables. They also motivate you to take up projects and explore other areas of the organization and highlight your skills and experience to other people in the organization. This helps in the development and growth of your career.

Having a mentor helps you understand the Canadian labor market and the context of their job or profession, the Canadian way. It also gives you a better understanding of the Canadian work culture, language skills, and experience required to get a job and excel at it. You also learn the necessary translation skills which are required in parts of Canada.  Having a mentor in Canada helps you to get local insights as well as access to professional networks.

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