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MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship: All That You Need to Know

Students from all over the world prefer to choose USA and Canada as international study destinations. Due to its defined path to permanent residence and liberal post-study work permit policy, the US boasts of the highest percentage of international students. But Canada is not too far behind in terms of popularity.

Finance is one of the major issues faced by the students. But there is nothing to worry about the easy availability of student loans. International scholarships are gaining immense popularity as these make studying in Canada or the US much more reasonable for students.

MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship
MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship: All That You Need to Know

MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for international students. Let’s get to know more about it. Two scholarships will be awarded to the students –

  • Two in April 2019
  • Two in October 2019.

Reasons Not to Miss MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship:

Applications are open till 15 April 2019 and students should not miss this golden chance due to the reasons listed below:

  1. Esteemed Honor in having MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship:

MPOWER Financing offers these scholarships. The company believes in offering complete support to students from every corner of the world for professionals, academic and financial success. The ‘Global Citizen Scholarship’ is a celebrated honor empowering international students for becoming future leaders and global citizens.

2. Lesser Restrictions- and fast approval of Scholarship:

The eligibility criteria are wide enough for covering a large number of international students. And the best part is that there are not many restrictions. For instance, a student doesn’t have to be an MPOWER borrower to apply for the scholarship.

3. Better Accessibility to International Students In Canada: 

The scholarship is extensively accessible for international students. The best part is that a majority of the top universities in the US and Canada are covered in this list.

4. Monetary Support to Students Selected for Scholarship :

The scholarship offers a total of USD 5000 to the selected scholars. The winners are notified and then their eligibility is confirmed. After this, the funds are directly disbursed to the winner’s university or college.

5. Easy to Apply:

The best part is that the entire application process is easy to follow and online. 

The winners are selected on the basis of their short essay response. They are judged on criteria like clarity, grammar, vocabulary, creativity, and insightfulness. The unbiased committee of MPOWER judges the essays.

You must give MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship a serious shot.


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