Do You Want To Settle Down In Canada? How To Start With The Planning Process?

Are you interested to know about the northern neighbor? Have you fallen in love with the beautiful country of Canada? If you are really serious about relocating to North, then here is a small guide just for you.

The first thing first – you need to plan about how you wish to have a lifestyle in Canada. How long you want to stay there? What kind of visa you would require for your stay in Canada? Do you really want to stay there permanently? Are you visiting there for study, work or marriage? Once you have these basic plans, spend a few minutes in checking out the eligibility criteria.

Do You Want To Settle Down In Canada? How To Start With The Planning Process?
Do You Want To Settle Down In Canada? How To Start With The Planning Process?


Which are the best places to live in Canada?

Usually, most of the people prefer one of the three largest cities of Canada – Toronto (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia) and Montreal (Quebec). The cost of living in quite high in these cities. But it still somewhat affordable in comparison to the US counterparts. The average 2 bedroom rent is just notoriously expensive – around $2,300. This is comparatively lower than what you just need to pay in New York. Quebec and Ottawa are considered as the most affordable cities in Canada.

How many provinces are there in Canada where Immigrants can settle easily?

There are 10 provinces in Canada. Depending on the method you prefer for your entry in Canada, you might already have an idea about which province you are are going to settle down in. The very first thing that you need to figure out is whether you wish to live in French Canada. Do you have any idea about speaking French? Do you wish to speak French? If you don’t have any interest in the French language, certainly you should opt for non-French Canada. Well, Quebec is a good choice, it’s a huge country, make plans accordingly.

What do you need to settle down in Canada? Is it necessary to have a job?

It’s certainly not necessary to have a job to move to Canada, but having one can actually make things easier. It also boosts the odds of granting the Express Entry. It also allows you to apply for the provincial nominee program as well.

Express entry – The easiest way to settle down

If you have full-time work experience, you are an eligible candidate for the express entry. The entire application usually takes place online and needs 6 months of processing time. The other immigration methods are definitely going to taking more time than this, so if you can actually qualify for the express entry system, it is one of the best routes to opt for. of The whole process will require $1500 to $2000. This is open for the skilled workers’ applications usually or those who have undergone one of the following official tests in either French your English:

  1. French certification exam
  2. Canadian English language proficiency index program
  3. International English language testing system

When you apply for the express entry program, you will be gauged on the sale of 1200 points. The first 600point actually come from education skills, work experience and if you have a spouse in Canada. The remaining 600 points come from various factors like having Canadian certificates, diplomas degrees, job offers in Canada, a nomination from the Canadian province, siblings having permanent resident status in Canada as well as if you are good in speaking French.

What about the provincial nominee program for Immigrating to Canada?

This is quite uncommon, but if you can show that you have the necessary work experience and education, you can check out for the PNP.  There are certain provinces where that require to look for the fast-track specific immigrant streams to fill up the specific requirements, likes skilled or student workers with the specific field of expertise in something that the province has a shortage in. For instance, if you get a full-time job offer in the tech industry, you can apply for the British Columbia residentship. They actually keep on looking forward to expanding the tech sector.

Are you self-employed – Immigrating and Settling in Canada Could be very Easy?

If you are planning to work as a   during your stay in Canada, you need to prove that you have a minimum to years of relevant experience in that field that you want to be self-employed in. This experience needs to be current, at least within 5 years from the preceding the date of your first application. You will need to give a medical exam and have the police certificate. Both these exams will be conducted by the approved Canadian authorized departments.

Do you have any idea about green card marriages?

If you have any family member living in the country of Canada, certainly, he can sponsor your immigration. But, they can sponsor immigration only in Canada. The family sponsorship also includes spouse sponsorship. Speaking hypothetically, if you are going to marry Canadian citizenship who is above 18, he/she can sponsor you for the permanent resident status in Canada. Further, you need to prove that you are in real love with your partner and just not using a marriage certificate to get into the country.

What’s the process to settle down in Quebec?

In terms of self-employment and PNPs, there are few terms applicable to the process of selecting the immigrant applicant in Quebec. It is independent of the Canadian Federal government. Quebec uses the skilled worker selection process. You can directly apply to the provincial government, called a certificate of selection. You will need to undergo a medical exam that is conducted by the authorities of Quebec. You will also need to submit the police certificate. After the application is approved, you can apply for the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for the permanent residentship status.

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