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Good news for international candidates – Scholarships to study in New Zealand

Do you really wish to study in New Zealand? Do you wish to get graduated from one of the top colleges in New Zealand? Well, it is known for being the most beautiful country in the world and also safe for tourists and international students. It is also considered as one of the most popular study destinations abroad.

Stunning natural settings, low cost of living and outstanding facilities in universities are few of those many reasons that make it that top choice for students who wish to get their higher education New Zealand.

Good news for international candidates - Scholarships to study in New Zealand
Good news for international candidates – Scholarships to study in New Zealand


The New Zealand education system is designed on the basis of the British education model; the higher education programs are quite popular for recognized programs and high teaching standards.

The balance of city life in the midst of the gorgeous countryside makes it a great place to reside. The low crime rate also makes it one of the safest places in the world.

As an international student, if you cannot really afford to pay for your education or perhaps you are already residing in the country and have high grades, you can definitely go ahead and apply for the scholarship programs available. The scholarships are provided by both private universities and the government of the country.

Some of the top picks are stated below for your convenience:

University of Waikato international excellence scholarship

The University of Waikato in Hamilton offers scholarships to the international candidates who demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and have the real potential of becoming global ambassadors for the university.

The scholarship values up to NZ dollar 10,000 and covers the tuition fees for the educational years, available for both postgraduate and undergraduate students.

New Zealand international scholarships

The full-board tertiary scholarships are offered by the local government in around New Zealand universities for international students from all across the globe.

The scholarships are available for citizens of specific countries in Africa, Pacific, Latin America, Asia, Caribbean as well as some Commonwealth countries.

The schemes usually cover up the tuition fees, establishment and living alliances, travel insurance, medical insurance as well as help with the research expenses of the postgraduate candidates. Apart from these, the scholarship also includes the travel expenses to and from your home country at the end and beginning of the scholarship program.

UC international first Year undergraduate scholarships

The Canterbury University offers a scholarship to the top achieving international candidates which covers tuition fee for the first year. It values NZ$ 10,000 NZ$ 15000 and NZ$  20000.

Apart from the students of New Zealand and Australia, all the international students are eligible to apply for the scholarship. At least 25 scholarships are available for international students. The 2018 missions are closed already and the 2020 applications are open until June.

Massey Business School international student study award

This university is meant for business students. If you are one of the top achieving international students, you can enroll in one of the full-time business programs in Wellington campus or the Palmerston North campus of Massey University. The value of the scholarship is NZ $ 5,000 per 120 credits, i.e. NZ$ 5,000 every year for the full-time courses. The maximum value is NZ$15000, which means NZ$5000 for three consecutive years.

The University of Otago coursework master’s scholarship

If you have never got a chance to study abroad for the undergraduate program, then now you can plan your Master’s degree in New Zealand. Isn’t it really great? Both international and domestic students are eligible to apply for the Master’s scholarship at the University of Otago for as long as they can demonstrate excellent grades in their academic studies or high scores in GMAT exam. Candidates who have been offered admission to the university can also apply for the scholarship program.


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