How to file Urgent Application for Citizenship in Canada- Check Out here

Losing job due to no citizenship of Canada? No problem, there are provisions for you. Yes, generally the application of citizenship is a long process, but under several conditions, you may be granted citizenship on an urgent basis. Stay tuned to know how to file the Urgent Application for Citizenship in Canada.

Urgent Application for Citizenship in Canada
How to file Urgent Application for Citizenship in Canada- Check Out here

Following criterion has to Follow for Urgent Application for Citizenship in Canada

The criterions for getting urgent citizenship are as follows:

  • Citizenship requirement for
  • Applying for a job
  • Avoiding losing the job
  • going to a Canadian school, college or university
  • Traveling in case of death or severe illness and the current nationality doesn’t grant your visa.
  • On a successful decision from the Federal Court on a previous application regarding Citizenship

Applying for Urgent Application doesn’t Ensure you Urgent Processing-

Even if you have applied under one of the above categories, there is no guarantee that the administration would possess the application urgently. Even if they do, the execution in time is not guaranteed. So it is advised rather not to depend on the procedure and risk the chances. With that being said, it is a risk worth taking.

In case of applying for urgent Citizenship, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download and print the application for Canadian citizenship.
  2. Fill the application form, answering every Question.
  3. Write an explanation on why you need the urgent application along with the documents supporting it, if available.
  4. Prepare an envelope with the following documents:
  • Application
  • Explanation
  • Photographs
  • Fee payment
  • Necessary Documents
  1. Make sure you have written  “Urgent Request – Grant Of Citizenship” in large, bold letters on the envelope.
  2. E-mail the application to the address given in the instruction guide.

In case you have already applied and now require the urgent processing, You need to:

Fill out the web form explaining why you need the urgent processing and include the following details:

  • Basic details including Name, Address, and Telephone Number.
  • Your UCI or application number.
  • Any documents that support your explanation
  • Files should include PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DOC or DOCX format.
  • Size of the file should be lesser than 2 MB
  • In the case of multiple files, the size of the total file shouldn’t exceed 3.5 MB

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