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Skill development program – Canadian government takes measures to prepare country’s workers for tomorrow’s jobs

Today, we all know that the global economy is running through a critical stage. There is growth, but there are not enough jobs. In fact, it would exaggeration to say that the global economy is experiencing jobless growth. There are jobs, though there are not enough candidates to execute those jobs.

This situation will become more prominent in the near future unless people start focusing on preparing themselves for the “jobs of tomorrow”. This is why the Canadian government has recently taken the decision to create a setup where people can be trained to deal with the jobs for tomorrow. This is will help the country’s economy in the upcoming days, as the country grows swiftly when it is poised with skilled labors.

Skill development program - Canadian government takes measures to prepare country’s workers for tomorrow's jobs
Skill development program – Canadian government takes measures to prepare country’s workers for tomorrow’s jobs


Now, the question is why there is a need to be prepared for the jobs for tomorrow? At present, we can find that artificial intelligence is replacing human intelligence. Innovative technologies have come to replace human efforts. Machine-based intelligence can potentially replace thousands of human labors. Thus, it is needless to say that conventional jobs are dried up. Today, people searching for conventional jobs have to undergo severe competition. This is why it is important to be prepared for the jobs of the future. It will help to deal with unemployment in the coming years.

Minister of Employment and Workforce Development in Canada, Patty Hajdu, has recently stated that future skill council and centers will be set up by the government. The ministry will work in collaboration with the ministry of finance in Canada. The government of Canada believes that there is no dearth of skilled labors in the country. People are quite hard working and they also have an interest in learning new things. All they need is support from the government in this regard. Judging the situation, the government has started encouraging and developing skills for tomorrow so that the country can be protected from rapid growth in unemployment in the future.

As a partner of the skill development program, the government has chosen Ryerson University. In order to set up the skill council, fifteen members from Canada private and public sectors have been chosen. The council has been formed to deliver advice to the minister of labor and employment. In the future skill development program, the government of Canada has planned to invest around $225 million over the next four years. In forthcoming days, the higher budget will be allocated for this program after checking its growth and global employment scenario.

In this crucial time, many countries have started their skill development program, and thus the Canadian government does not want to stay behind from other major economic leaders of the world. The skill development program will focus on developing future skills among the workers. It will make workers more aware of the latest technological innovations as well as equipment. Nevertheless, conventional jobs are decreasing in number. Thus, people participating in this program will be taught about different aspects of nonconventional jobs of the future. Overall, the program will make them prepared for the new beginning in the near future.


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