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Quebec Shows The New Way To Attract Immigrants

Are you applying for Canada? Quebec is the state you are most likely to end up at. Not because the facilities are pretty much different over there or are it a much-in-demand state. The answer is its trend-setting immigration services.

While entire Canada is following its first come first serve formula of immigration which requires the applicants to wait for as long as three years and as many as 50% of the applications getting rejected, QUEBEC’s immigration application system has come to the immigration ministry as a stroke of fresh air. Quebec Shows The New Way To Attract Immigrants- Stay tuned to learn more!

Quebec Shows The New Way To Attract Immigrants
Quebec Shows The New Way To Attract Immigrants

Quebec Shows The New Way To Attract Immigrants- Procedure to be Followed-

  • The system involves the candidate in pairing them with the concerned profession their skills are made for. It begins with the candidate filling the interests they can offer with their abilities. The process is also known as Tinder of immigration which then proceeds by making the pool of the eligible candidates according to the statements laid down by the ministry’s Regular Skilled Worker Program.
  • After this, the candidate is asked to fill the details and pay the hefty fees.
  • The benefit of the program is that it promises the candidate of their fate within the next six months as opposed to the three year wait period of the first come first serve system.

Future Number, the Applied Applicants, is on the Rise from 25080 to 91000-

The data revealed that 25080 applications were received within the first month of the new system and the applications haven’t slowed down since. The number has risen to 91000, but none of the applicants have gone beyond the sign-up stage, so the number of applicants that have made through is still an unknown number. However, a recent report regarding the backlog of applications pending has been made public which says over 18000 applications are pending with some cases dating even 13 years back.

The irony of the Numbers- applicants applied are already paying taxes to the Government-

The irony of the number is that the majority of people listed in the report are already working and paying taxes to the Government. A necessary step is demanded by the Liberal House Leader Sebastian Proulx lamenting the government as being heartless to the sentiments of the applicants depending on their decision. The new system is what they heavily rely upon now.


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