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Are you considering to work in Canada? Rethink your decision!

Looking at the booming economy of Canada as well as its requirement for skilled workers, the federal government has once again convinced thousands of students from all across the world to come and study herein Canadian institutes and secure jobs at various levels. But inadequate in giving training making students rethink their decision. Are you considering to work in Canada? Rethink your decision!

Are you considering to work in Canada?

Are you considering to work in Canada? Given reasons can make you Rethink your decision-

Not only this these students then look forward to permanent citizenship of the same country which is quite natural but unfortunately it is easy to say and is like an impossible task altogether. The most probable reasons are:

1. Inadequate training in universities for international students-

The institute where any student aspires to achieve a suitable placement for himself after spending massive amounts is not up to the mark as far as training is concerned for job purpose. Proper internships are not for international students which can boost up their profiles for good placements.

2. Time limit to secure a job is minimal-

Even if an international student is deserving enough, the Canadian Alliance of Student Association gives only ninety days to him to find a job after he has completed his course.

Leave apart securing a job; it is difficult to come to a firm conclusion and more importantly a right one for any student in such a short period. It is also utterly biased because the same time criteria for a Canadian student is at least four to five months. Therefore clearly indicating the biased attitude.

3. Getting Discriminated by the employers –

Though quite a conservative approach in the 21st century, it is true that the local employers are not keen to keep international students as employees for the reason that they won’t be able to “gel up well” with the locals, their language and customs and will henceforth cause a hindrance in their completing tasks properly. Also, the employers need to fulfill a vast amount of paperwork and other formalities towards the government if the employee is an outsider or the so-called international student.

On the one hand the Canadian government shows how it needs and welcomes students from all over the world, and on the other hand, it creates numerous hurdles (some of which are unnecessary too) which makes it nearly impossible for any outsider student to overcome to secure himself a place in a foreign land.

Therefore the need is to clear the barriers so that the initiatives of both the employer as well as employee met in a fair manner.


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