Pending Projects and the need for labor- Large number of Jobs openings for immigrants in Canada

If you are a skilled Craftsman or a tradesman or a laborer, then probably BuildForce Canada has some good news for you. B.C. recently released the information regarding the required workforce they need, going forward with the new and pending projects. Pending Projects and the need for labor is giving an opportunity for many immigrants to get the job in Canada.

Pending Projects and the need for labor

Pending Projects and the need for labor- 11000 skilled labor is required

An expected figure of more than 11000 skilled labor and tradespeople are required to get the newly sanctioned projects going, and if we count the pending as well, the number goes well up to 15000. The next two years will see the execution of three major new projects: Site C dam, LNG Canada and the Coastal Gas Link pipeline. 10,000 to 11,000 workers would require for these three projects only.

The number could shoot up to 15,000 if the Trans-Mountain Expansion Restarts-

If the trans-mountain pipeline expansion restarts, the number will shoot up to 15,000. This number hasn’t yet included the workforce needed for several other projects which could be underway as well at the time which provides for Woodfibre LNG, the new Pattulo bridge, the Millennium Line Broadway Extension and expansion to ports and the Vancouver International Airport. Construction Industry Organization has released some 17000 nonresidential workforces required to get all the projects done in the period between 2019 to 2021.

Significant projects and their work power requirements:

1) Site C dam project is $10.7 billion project which has already 3746 people hired for peak construction, and they may further need over 4000 people for further building.
2) In the year 2021, the peak construction, massive projects like LNG Canada and the coastal gas link pipeline which is worth over $40billion, will employ 7000 laborers,4500 for LNG Canada and around 2500 for the coastal gas link pipeline.
3) For the trans-Mountain, about 4700 workers would be required to cap off their 7.4 billion dollar twinning project.

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The demand for the labor will lead increase in labor rates-

Bob de Wit, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association expressed his concern on the competition and the trickle-down effect in these big projects which tend to pull the skilled labor from the different parts of the country with the labor rates expected to go up owing to such a demand. But despite all this, he appears hopeful of successful execution.

The retirement of the workers still a challenge in getting required labor-

Seaspan shipyards another company responsible for many projects under national shipbuilding strategy already claims of over 2300 skilled tradespeople and would require over 200 more tradespeople to get their projects completed in time. They work with trade colleges like British Columbia Institute of Technology and Camosum College for the skill training of their graduates. But coupled with the retirement of a lot of workers and their upcoming projects, they still are somewhat short of the workers they require for the projects. Which in turn opens up many employment chances for the immigrants.