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Want Canadian Citizenship? Try “Birth Tourism”

The policy think tank of Canada, Andrew Griffith who works for Policy Options and is well known for his ideas and suggestions have come up with a completely new theory which is called “Birth Tourism and is very much in practice on Canadian soil. So if you Want Canadian Citizenship? Try “Birth Tourism”, it will make the citizenship process easier.

Want Canadian Citizenship? Try “Birth Tourism”
Want Canadian Citizenship? Try “Birth Tourism”

Want Canadian Citizenship? Try “Birth Tourism”- Though the Rules are Rigid but Option makes the Process Easier-

One is aware of the fact that countries like U.S and Canada have certain rigid rules as far as citizenship is concerned. Even then, there is one option which both the countries’ allows is sudden or more appropriately accidental birth of those children who are born there by chance. For example, if a child is born while the mother is traveling on Canadian territory as a tourist he or she becomes a citizen automatically.

What is Birth Tourism?- As it has increased tremendously in Canada-

Studies from Statistics Canada revealed that birth tourism has increased in Canada as compared to past years and is very much planned by the nonresidents who need Canadian citizenship.

The laws of Canada offers nationality to children of non-residents too, if born in the territory. But reports confirm that outsiders fly especially to the country in order to give birth so as to gain citizenship for their kids which is otherwise difficult and impossible to achieve.

Not only the kid, but it has also opened doors for the parents too who want to secure their future here.

Can one justify birthright as a correct option?

The reports and statistics evaluated by Griffith are from Canadian Institute of health information (CIHI) through which he calculated the number of children discharged from hospitals. It was surprising to note that his data is nowhere equivalent to the data given by Statistics Canada also the number of non-resident children born according to them is only 313 whereas CIHI shows a number as high as 3223.

Political disturbances between the Conservative party and the Federal Government over Birth Tourism-

Both the Conservative party of Canada as well as the federal government are worried about this new trend and while the former has already taken the initiative of incorporating it as their election agenda against the federal government, the latter hopes to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Ontario and British Columbia show the highest rate of births of outsiders’ children as compared to other regions. The Richmond Hospital in British Columbia has already come into the limelight and initiative has already begun by 10,000 signatures from the members of the federal government with the support of M.P Joe Peschisolido who aims to curb this ongoing process for the betterment of Canadian people.


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