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Study visa application found fake in Canada- Research found out

Assistant deputy minister of IRCC- Harpreet Kochhar, claimed in front of delegates of Canadian Bureau of International Education Annual Conference that majority of the admission letters which are required for a student to get study permits are fake. Almost 10% of the letters are fake in such a manner that university either doesn’t exist in Canada or the name of the university is misspelled. To examine Study visa application found fake in Canada, the government has launched a project.

Study visa application found fake in Canada
Study visa application found fake in Canada- Research found out

Study visa application found fake in Canada-through Letters of Acceptance Verification Project

The verification project for verifying the acceptance letters launched this year February and 361 letters out of the total 3848 letters that are put under examination was found fake and are not valid for Canadian institutes.

He further added that in total there is 200,000 application regarding study permit and they just managed to check a small portion of 3848 letters out of it. Stakes being very high in getting more fraudulent applications.

Suggestion to be followed in order to reduce the number of fake cases- 

Harpreet Kochhar suggested the department of immigration that instead of wasting time in checking the Genuity of the acceptance letter, criteria should be made in which the acceptance letter by the Canadian institute including schools or universities must be sent to the immigration department instead of sending it to the student. An Acceptance letter is the one criteria that will decide the entry of a student into the country. The Implication of this rule will rule out the fake acceptance letter attached applications for the study permit.

All this would make the process a lot easier for the immigration officers if they have some idea beforehand about the letter issued by the respective institute. Immigration officers can reassure the Genuity of the acceptance letter by confirming it with the proof sent to the immigration office by the respective institute.

This will save time both for the immigration officers and the genuine students whom all are waiting for their study permit and coming to Canada to explore the opportunities.

Verification Project is one of its kind, other is to check the criteria for study permit being fulfilled or not-

With the verification project, there is another project that was launched was all about checking the criterion for the study permit being fulfilled or not. Students whom all are studying in Canada on study permit are well aware of the conditions with that comes like students with study permit can work only for 20 hours and many more. This project main aim to check whether these conditions are being followed. Under this Project, all the respective institutes of Canada are obliged to send regular reports on this, so that the immigration department can track the activities of the international students.


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