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What are the different approaches adopted by Express entry and Provincial Nomination Program?

Different approaches are being adopted by the province of Canada for the selection of Candidates through the express entry. They are invited through provincial nomination for getting residence permanently in Canada like that done in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Let’s get a deep site on the different approaches adopted by Express entry and Provincial Nomination Program.

different approaches adopted by Express entry and Provincial Nomination Program
What are the different approaches adopted by Express entry and Provincial Nomination Program?

What are the different approaches adopted by Express entry and Provincial Nomination Program?

Those candidates which got the nomination through provincial also get 600 points more for ranking in Express entry. It makes nomination a medium to apply for the permanent residence in Canada. The different approaches which are being used for Express entry through immigration are –

1.       Those who will come first will be served first.

2.       They should have interest

3.       Need to be passive

Opportunities under Provincial Nominee Program- Permanent residency being on top

Under the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) in Canada gives the opportunity to territories and province to nominate candidates for economic immigration for becoming permanent residence there. But under this, territories and provinces should have one program in federal express entry system for candidates which will manage the program of candidates under economic immigration for Federal High Skilled like –

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Canadian Experience Class

This nomination had shown an increasing trend from 2016 by more than 4000 in 2017. From 109,497 candidates through Express entry there are more than 17000 candidates through a provincial nomination in 2017. This ranking will not be of much importance to those candidates who want to improve their score of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). In this, they do not require to have an offer of a job or need to score minimum CRS to get eligible for entry.

A candidate who will come first will be served first – Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia had again given the opportunity on 17 November, Saturday to Category B which will give the permission to apply actively for the provincial nomination. This is the last example under PNP which give opportunity on the basis of first come first served. Those candidates who apply first will get the chance if they met the quota. Due to this high application for competitive process around 225 application has been received within 2 hours.

There is no requirement of having the job offer in Nova Scotia, instead, they should have the experience of working in any of the 11 provinces.

Should express an interest to be in Province and do better for the Province – Prince Edward Island

On 15 November Prince Edward Island had conducted a draw and invited the candidates of Express entry to show that they have interest. With this system, the ranking is given to those candidates who made visible in the provincial nominee program by giving their profile to a province.

Those candidates of express entry who had shown interest in the Prince Edward Island had been considered under the pool of eligible candidates. Now they will be given a ranking on the basis of work experience, proficiency over the language of English and French, and education. Now they conduct draw from the pool around 10 times to select the candidates.

There are 3 other provinces which along with Prince Edward Island select candidates who show their interest such as –

  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan

With the system of showing interest many of the candidates go for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Passive streams which allow the province to select a candidate through Express Entry: Ontario

There are 3 streams to apply passively in Ontario for express entry as they could not apply actively or show their interest for the nomination –

  • The Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • The French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • The Skilled Trades Stream

These streams help Ontario to search for their candidates through express entry who meet their requirements and let them apply for nomination. OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) depends on streams through the express entry and even this year around 95 percent of nomination from 6600 is through this medium only. The nomination of different streams are –

  • The Human Capital Priorities Stream – 3,534
  • The French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream – 1,476
  •  The Skilled Trades Stream – 1,445

An invitation for new nomination is being conducted, French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream for which invitation has been issued every week from candidates of express entry which meet the criteria of language proficiency in English and French.

Way forward- till the year 2021 PNP will help in increase in immigration and growth in overall-

Till the year 2021 Provincial Nominee Program of Canada and Express entry will play a major role in immigration of the candidates. Through these programs, it is expected to have 142,400 resident permanently by the year 2019 which will be 43 percent of the target from 330,800 by the next year for Canada.

As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada there is an increase of 13,528 in the year 2017 from 7,818 in the year 2016 which is around 73 percent through Provincial Nominee Program of Canada and Express entry for resident permanently.

As this process will grow there might be new approaches come for selecting Provincial Nominee Program of Canada and Express entry candidates.


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