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Is your Spousal Sponsor Application Rejected?-Find out the Reasons Why?

Sometimes eagerness of wanting something so desperately forced you to make mistakes. Somewhat similar happens when an immigrant is inviting his family to be with him but some serious errors in the application that will lead to the rejection of the application. It is always advisable to go through your application twice before submitting or to seek some professional help for the same. Is your Spousal Sponsor Application Rejected?-Find out the Reasons Why?

Spousal Sponsor Application Rejected
Is your Spousal Sponsor Application Rejected?-Find out the Reasons Why?

Following mentioned are the reasons-Why the Spousal Sponsor Application Rejected?

  1. Submitting the sponsorship application using an Outdated Versioned Form-

The Canadian government has made very much clear about the changes in the form and that too can be done without any issue of the notice or giving any prior warning. All forms updated or non-updated are available at the Canadian immigration site one can simply download and fill it with requiring credentials.

But if by any chance you filled an outdated form instead of updated one your application will be canceled even before processing by IRCC. But rejection also depends upon how old version of the form you had used in your applications. If the difference is of 5 to 6 months then IRCC will proceed with the application otherwise it will not.

Updating the form is done because the immigration department at that particular time needs some additional information. Do to avoid the rejection with this error always ensure the version of the form first.

  1. Incorrect or Irrelevant Answers to the Questions-

When the applicant didn’t understand the question they end up filling wrong or irrelevant answer to the question which leads to the rejection of the application. Generally, they make mistake when they are unclear of the meaning of the question. Generally, confusion is for the dependent question which is list any of the dependents. Who would be the dependent is varied from visa application to application. In Spouse sponsored application relative to whom you support financially is not considered as the dependent.

To avoid this mistake do check the immigration site for the list of dependents.

  1. Questions being left blanked-

Questions of the forms are being made to know you and your situation, not answering the question always confuse the immigration officers of your case which will lead to the rejection of the application.  Leaving it blank open the doors for suspicion and rejection.

To avoid this, if you don’t know what to write seek professional help or if that question doesn’t imply on you write Not Applicable but not leave blank.

  1. Confusion between The Sponsor and The applicant-

Legal terms that are being used by the immigration department always leave a person in confusion as its meaning is different what we use in our daily life. For the visa application of Spouse sponsorship, both i.e. Sponsor and Applicant need to submit two separate forms for the application. Sponsor is the one who has legal permanent residency of Canada. An applicant is the one who wants to come to Canada. Filling of the application by a wrong person invites the rejection of the application.

  1. Documents either are not complete or are not in a proper order-

Even though every visa application needs document but with spousal sponsorship documents related to the genuineness of the relationship. Following documents need to submit-

  • Couple photographs.
  • Gifts or cards being exchanged
  • Proof of joint account in the name of both husband and wife.
  • Messages or emails shared between both.
  • If the sponsor sent any money to the applicant can show a receipt for the same.

Lack of evidence leaves the immigration officers to doubt the genuineness of the relationship can lead to its rejection.


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