Canada is a Home for Retired people- Find out How you can get the Retirement Visa

There was always a thought that from where a person should get retire so that they could spend their time peacefully over there. Canada is a place which being liked by many people from British as there are many reasons for them to retire from Canada and consider Canada is a Home for Retired people and the benefits it offers–

Canada is a Home for Retired people
Canada is a Home for Retired people- Find out How you can get the Retirement Visa
  1. Having scenic beauty.
  2. The people are very kind and make everyone get into their atmosphere quickly.
  3. The health facility provided over there is very good.

Canada is a Home for Retired people- Find out How you can get the Retirement Visa

Places to choose to live in Canada after retirement- keeping in mind the benefits it offers

There are various researches being done on that which is the best place to live. Some of the places which are considered to be best for a stay after retirement –

  • British Columbia – Nelson, Saanich, Victoria.
  • Ontario – Ottawa, Orillia.

These places are considered to be the best for a stay after retirement on the basis of many factors such as–

  1. Health facilities are good.
  2. Property tax is less.
  3. Pleasant weather.
  4. Blossoming community and its culture.

Retirement visa option to settle down in Canada- though Canada only provide Temporary visa

The government of Canada does not provide the visa if they found that the person would not be contributing to the society. They consider them as a burden on their health facility. So if anyone wants to stay in Canada after retirement then they could go to Canada for a period of six months. These could be any 6 months from the year.

Or if the child is working there then they could apply for grandparent or parent visa which allows visiting in Canada for a period of two years. This visa is given for a period of 10 years and could be taken multiple times in that period. Under this, the property could be purchased and they could also give it on rent.

Permanent Visa only for those who will Contribute to Canada’s Economy

It is difficult to enter Canada permanently for the purpose to settle after retirement. Then it would not be possible as they would ask that what you will do over there. The application could be made to work in Canada under the following programs for staying over there –

  1. Start-up visa – For opening a business and generating new jobs.
  2. Provincial nominees – Immigration by the Canadian province.
  3. Self-Employment – Those who are self-employed in the field of athletic, cultural or other activities.
  4. Express entry – Working as a skilled worker.

The other option is through sponsorship from family, like anyone close from the family is living over there.

Pension for the retired people- Check out the eligibility to get a pension

To get the OAS (Old Age Security) pension, even though a person had never worked in Canada but need to fulfill these criteria –

  1. Must be 65 years of age or above.
  2. Since the age of 18 years had stayed in Canada for 10 years or more.
  3. Must be a citizen of Canada while getting the application approval.

Pension in Canada

  • State Pension – If the person is entitled to this Pension then they can get it from any corner of the world through the International Pension Centre or by filling the form of International Claim and send it to them. This could be received in any of the Bank in Canada or UK.
  • Private Pension – There are types of the situation on basis of which pension is deducted such as –
  1. Not yet retired – In this the pension would only be transferred to a UK international self-invested personal pension or in a third county such as Hong Kong in which there is no tax but for transferring it would cost around 25%.
  2. Retired – If the pension is required in the Canada bank account then this need to be asked from the pension provider in the UK. Some of the pension providers charge an amount for it.

In case an individual is living in the UK and drawing a pension from Canada then they would not be charged twice as they have the Double Taxation Convention.

Housing and Health facility offered to the retired people is cheap and of high quality respectively-

There is a difference in terms of property rate for rent and purchasing depending on the area where the house is being taken. But relatively Canada is cheaper to live than other countries in Europe. If a person is having a valid visa then the health care facility is free of cost and all the payment would be done from the taxes collected. The quality of the health care facility provided is of high quality.