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Permission to get Study permit in Canada becoming more difficult-Find out Why?

For the international student to study in Canada is becoming difficult. Not only for those who did not have admission in Canada but also those who had already got admission in the school, universities or colleges. Around 33 percent of application the student permit is rejected in last year for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

There is around 25 percent of the increase in rejection as compared to last five years. In the year 2018 with over 34 percent is rejected among the first 4 months. The rate of refusal for education is increasing drastically as there is an increase in demand for international studies in Canada. It comes on the 4th rank for the most desirable place for international studies around the world but Permission to get Study permit in Canada becoming more difficult.

Permission to get Study permit in Canada becoming more difficult
Permission to get Study permit in Canada becoming more difficult-Find out Why?

Permission to get Study permit in Canada becoming more difficult-Find out Why?

Foreigner students are overpowering the native students-

Above 5 lakh students from around the world have a permit for their international studies in the country. Few students from the resident of Canada like Nova Scotia, Halifax, Ontario, London, etc. are there as compared to international students living in Canada. It is found that a number of international students are more than province population of Prince Edward Island.

Increase in the refusal rate for study permit depends on- study of course, province

The refusal rate has increased for study permits depending on various factors such as in which level study needs to be done, place or province of study and belongs to which country.  In the year 2017 around half of the students from Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, etc. do not get a permit to study but on the other side from British Colombia only about a quarter, the students did not get a study permit.

The refusal of study permit depends on 3 trends like –

  1. Rejection of study permit for students who want to study in specific universities only. Almost 50 percent of the study permit is rejected is a fix for students who choose a specific college. On the other side, rejection is keeping on growing more for the students of an undergraduate degree.
  2. Application rejected from those Canada colleges where the rate of application is higher. As per the study was done through Global affairs, international students are being considered in the export economy in Canada. In the year 2016 around $15.5 billion is spent by international students for the studies. Most of the universities fill their seats mainly with international studies and thus a number of Canadian student’s decreases in some of the areas.
  3. Rejection of students who belong to some countries such as Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The application for a study has been increased mostly from the developing countries. Nigeria is a place which is known to be in the top 10 for recruitment in colleges and universities. As the number of students is taken in Nigeria for studies are increasing, the rejection rate for immigration is also increasing. Immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada has not given study permit to around 82 percent of a student while this figure was 55 percent about 5 years ago.

The basis of Application rejection of study permit doesn’t depend on the Scio-Economic condition of the country-

When the interview request has been made to the Canadian officers of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship they all had refused to discuss decreasing trend of study permit in Canada. But Shannon Ker, communication advisor had given the statement through an email that – the applications have been scrutinized on the basis of facts given by the students on basis of the case to case. All the officers treat each application as same without any discrimination of external factors like changes in the Socio-Economic conditions of any country. As per the research was done in the year 2017, applications are rejected on the basis of specifics given in the application form from time to time.

There are different reasons on the basis of which study permit is rejected –

  1. Officers do not have to believe that the student will go their home country back. After finishing their studies in Canada they will stay over there only.
  2. The students do not have an adequate fund to support their living and studies in Canada.
  3. If any of the students has the criminal record and with entrance to Canada it will cause a threat to security.
  4. The medical condition of the student is not good and could lead to danger for the general public.
  5. There is a history of immigration violation by the student in another country.


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