Quebec is no more welcoming to the immigrants- reduction in immigrant’s number is on the plate

Talks are going on between the federal and the Quebec government on the issue of immigration. Immigration minister of Quebec- Jolin-Barrette is very positive after talking to Dominic Leblanc- the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister of Federal Government about both the government working together. Quebec government is all in to reduce the count of immigrants in the city which implies Quebec is no more welcoming to the immigrants.

Quebec optimistic it will reach agreement with federal government to lower immigration levels

Quebec is no more welcoming to the immigrants as the Quebec government is to set the number of immigrants in 2019 at 40,000-

Jolin-Barrette is just want to keep his government trust with the people of the province. It is the people who made the government only on the basis that the government will reduce immigration. During the election, the government promised the people of the government that they will reduce the immigrants to 40,000 from 52,000 in the coming year.

Quebec and the federal government are at loggerheads- Federal govt. are on the side of the increase in the number of immigrants

Justin Trudeau government is all set for the increase the immigrant in the country as the immigrants are directly in the relationship with economic development. In point of Federal government, Immigrants brings opportunities with them which helps the economy to Grow. Immigrants are always in favor of development.

On the other hand, the Quebec government has made it clear to decrease the number of immigrants. Quebec which is open for the immigrants which help in economic development, now the government is also planning to introduce the obstacles of proficiency of the language and skills.

Quebec presented to shift the administration of Family reunification from Ottawa to Quebec-

Jolin-Barrette discussed with the federal immigration to present the plan which will include the entry of 10,000 immigrants to the province in a year. Province also wants to take over the administration of family reunification from the Ottawa government.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois- Solidaire of Quebec doesn’t agree with the policy of Federal Government-

Federal Government of Canada shares their plan for 3 years in which they decided to increase the number of immigrants from 310,000 to 350,000. On this decision, the Solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said his government is not in the consent with Justin Trudeau’s decision.

But the Solidaire said that the helping refugees for the shelter is the humanitarian call which will give the good message to the world. But humanity to shown keeping certain rules in mind. Keeping shelter seeking people behind the doors is no way a solution to it.

Diksha Garg

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