Living in Vancouver is not easy- Getting too expensive by the day

Vancouver is the city in British Columbia which is a city known for its nature and one of the most liveable cities of Canada. Besides its many advantages which include different spectrum in terms of nature, there are certain things that are making it difficult to live in Vancouver. Let’s discuss why  Living in Vancouver is not easy in the following points-

Living in Vancouver is not easy- Getting too expensive by the day
Living in Vancouver is not easy- Getting too expensive by the day

1- Rent in Vancouver is through the roof

What we have here is a simple case of supply & demand. Vancouver is known for its vast and beautiful landscape; the ocean, the mountains. Sadly this landscape is what makes Habitable land so scarce. So when you don’t have enough of something and the demand is high, you guessed it, rising real estate prices.

2- It’s rush hour in Vancouver; ALL THE TIME

Traffic in Vancouver is surprisingly bad. morning rush hour is between 7 and 10 AM, while afternoon traffic jams usually start at 3 and last till 7 PM. That’s right, Out of the 14 hours we’re usually awake, 7 of them are traffic filled. So, Buy a bike for work, or be prepared to spend a long time behind the wheel.

3-High Crime Rate in Vancouver

While non-Canadians have the notion that all Canadians are too nice, Vancouver is here to prove wrong. While the crime rate is not as high as most of US cities, it’s still high in Vancouver compared to other metropolitan cities. The good news though, Vancouver’s violent crime rate has fallen over the last couple of years.

4- Vancouver might not pique your interest

If you are the outdoorsy type, Vancouver can be a bit boring for you. Different from other cities in Canada, Vancouver has laws that limit the nightlife. If you’re expecting Montreal or Ottawa levels of fun, you will be sorely disappointed. Fret not though, Vancouver has a lot of outdoors activities to do. It’s all about living healthy. Its vast landscapes make it a hotbed for hiking, rock climbing, sailing, and even rock climbing.

5-Brace yourself for Storms in Vancouver

Literally, brace yourself. Due to some seismic activity in the Pacific Ocean under the North American plate, Vancouver is expected to witness a magnitude 9 earthquake in the coming 50 years. Not only that, since the mountains are newly formed, expect regular earthquakes from time to time. To make matters worse, there is much old building that would not probably stay in one piece if the big earthquake were to hit. Choose your domicile carefully.

6- The job market in Vancouver

The global economy is down, good jobs are scarce everywhere, it’s pretty common, right? Well, in Vancouver, it’s worse. Jobs in Vancouver are so hard to get; even when there’s a good vacancy worth applying to, you’re often met with fierce competition. Landing a gig in Vancouver is no simple task. Let’s say you’re one of the lucky ones, got yourself a job. Salaries are not that high, the minimum wage is $19/hour. You might say that it’s a lot, but, considering the high rent and other expenses, minimum wage barely covers basic expenses.


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