UK Visa is a procedure of Complexities

Every country has its norms for visitors which majorly revolve around the passport and Visa. In order to visit the UK as a tourist,  UK’s Standard Visitor Visa comes into the picture then and along with that one has to state the purpose of visit, which could be a family visit, business meeting or sheer touristy. But the UK Visa is a procedure of Complexities.

UK Visa is a procedure of Complexities
UK Visa is a procedure of Complexities

Complexities in the Procedure

Getting a Visa for the UK is not an easy game. Since April 2015, with the implementation of New Immigration Rules, new rigid policies have been introduced which make it difficult for an applicant to get the visa approved.

If the statement of purpose of the visit is clearly stated and documents are accurate enough then the chances to get the UK Visa is great.

Eligibility Criteria to get the Tourist Visa for the UK

The acceptance or refusal mainly depends on the application. It’s usually determined on the basis of pre-mentioned duration of travel and stay and intentions of returning back to the home country after completing the actual purpose of the visit

Evaluation of the Visa application-

The main criteria for evaluation are based on the documents and probability. Therefore, there is a dire need of supporting documents and the fact that their accuracy shouldn’t be sacrificed is the most important.

During the whole assessment process, all the documents are evaluated by the authorized agency. If the odds work in favor, then a visitor is granted a visa for multiple entries for 6-months.

Grounds for Refusal of the Visa

If an applicant is not able to furnish the required documents then his application is returned and hence the visa is refused. Most of the passports are rejected due to lack of evidence example, the origination of funds etc or due to terrible past immigration history of overstays, deports etc. In the case of the latter, the Visa is refused for 10years and in the future, no appeal can be made in case of a ban as the following provision is not subjected to judicial review.

Procedure for Long-term Visa

In case an applicant wishes to apply for Visa for a duration of 2,5, or 10 years then the purpose of such frequent visits needs to be defined along with the application such as regular business meetings or frequent visits out of love for traveling and touristy.

However, there is a condition that a visitor cannot stay for more than 180 days during a single visit even on a long term-visa.

Processing Time –

UKVI has commendable standards which have a history of processing 100% applications in 12weeks and it is continuing to hold that record.

A provision of Fast Track UK visitor Visa Application is also available in case of emergencies, wherein a Priority service needs to be purchased and it cots GBP-184/ per application. Such applications are processed within 5 working days.

It’s important to note that such service cannot have an impact on the outcome of the decision but it can surely have an impact on the duration f fast-track process.

Refusal Rate of the Visa

As the refusal rate is not merely influenced by one factor hence it varies from region to region as it is influenced by a variety of factors. It also varies from country to country when compared with Europe, North Africa, and East Asia etc.

On a PAN-UK level, majorly the visas are refuted due to the risk of internal security being sacrificed.

On an individual level, a visa application is refused due to the discrepancies in the documentation wherein no supporting evidence are attached and hence the given information seems inaccurate.

This can be blamed on the level of economic development, Income Details can be easily assessed in developed countries like Singapore, Malaysia and even nationals from high-income countries are less predicted to be illegal immigrants in the UK.


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