Reasons for the rejection of F-1 visa

 F-1 visa is a ticket for an international student to study full-time in the US. Before submitting the application for the visa one need to have a viable admission letter from an authorized institute. After receiving the same one can apply for the student visa. There are some pre-requisites for the visa which is required to be fulfilled, on the failure of doing that F-1 visa can be rejected. Let’s further understand various Reasons for the rejection of F-1 visa.

Reasons for the rejection of F-1 visa
Reasons for the rejection of F-1 visa

The basic requirement for the F-1 visa-

  • Admission letter from the registered university.
  • Valid IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • Financial proof for the survival in the US.
  • Documents to show the link to the home country.

At any moment of time, if the immigration officer suspects anything wrong about the documents or the documents is not as per the requirement, he can reject the visa at that particular moment. Below mentioned are the Reasons for the rejection of F-1 visa-

Rejection on the basis of not able to start the program on time-

If officer during the interview can reject the visa if the applicant applied late as per the date mentioned on the I-20 form. He can also reject the visa if he somehow convinced that you are not able to start the program on time.

Solution to this is to get the authorized letter from your selected university which states that in case of late joining, the applicant is still eligible for joining the course.

Rejection on the basis of not enough Financial Proofs-

The US is an expensive country to be in. For the US student visa, one must have enough financial resource so that during the course of study he can afford the basic requirement such as rent of the house, medical expense, transport, books or other expenses mention in DS-2019 form.

Financial proofs should be liquid assets that can easily convert into cash when needed. Rejection can be avoided if you show the financial proofs that would enough for your survival in the US for the first year.

Rejection based on the IELTS or TOEFL scores-

English is the channel of communication and teaching in the US. So it is more important than the academic scores. Bad scores in the English proficiency test is one of the Reasons for the rejection of F-1 visa.

Rejection on the basis of lack of intention of going back to the home country-

After the financial proofs, here comes the second most common reason for the rejection is the doubtful intentions of returning back to the home country. Officer at the time of interview is being trained to check various factors which relate an applicant with his home country.

For the young students who come to the US for the graduate courses, it is more difficult as they don’t have proofs such as property or business to show their link to the country. So it is always important to read the documents beforehand.

Rejection because of incompetency to get through the Security System-

For the security reasons, all the applicants have to go through the database called as Consular Lookout and Security System (CLASS) to check if an applicant has any criminal background or has any case pending against it.

On the failure to clear the database the officer at the interview center will reject your visa at that very particular moment. If the program you are registered to is related to political or another sensitive topic then additional security clearance is required which could delay your visa processing.

Rejection on the basis of inadmissibility charges against an applicant-

If in the past an applicant had stayed in the US even after the expiration of the visa means overstayed the visa and had faced inadmissibility charges then this could become the reason for the rejection of the visa.



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