Life in Russia-A travel guide

it is true that Russia is endowed with rich culture and history can be seen through its architecture. Russian society has a distinctive atmosphere as a result of the culmination of western influences and traditional Russian values. Hence, living in Russia will undoubtedly be a unique experience for the immigrants. This article is about Life in Russia-A travel guide.

Life in Russia-A travel guide
Life in Russia-A travel guide

As the natural factors are beyond the human control, the only way to cope with the harsh climate and harsh level of pollution could be an adaptation of self-sustainability model. Also, there is a problem of security issues due to high crime rates, however, there is a less scope for the immigrants being affected by such problems as they are easily able to afford a high standard of living and reside in communities which offer full protection.

The climate in Russia – Extreme climate can posses difficulty

Russian Winters are famous to scare the hell out of a normal human being; for the winters are super cold and chilly, the temperature can stoop to as low as -30 degree Celsius. Similarly, the summer shows their effect at the peak too with temperature as high as 35-degree Celsius.

Viable Healthcare Facilities- Everyone is insured

The state of Russia provides health-care facilities at reasonable prices, though some variations can be witnessed in terms of qualities of services in different areas yet its way more better to opt for state-provided facilities rather than availing facilities outside Russia.

In the case of areas like Moscow, which is regarded as immigrant’s hub the health care in that area would be expensive as it is not authorized by the government. So one needs to have medical insurance before getting treatment there.

A per the norms of January 2016, a health insurance is mandatory to have before coming to the country. The sponsor for health insurance could be the immigrant himself or it could be the Russian Employer.

If you are on prescribed medication, then make sure beforehand that your drug is available in the country or not. If it is available then you can carry original prescription along with it its Russian translation.

Schooling in Russia-

Russia has many state-funded schools out of which most don’t even charge anything for education, thereby providing education free of cost even to the immigrants and their families.

The standard age for a child to start schooling is 6 years and there is a condition of compulsory attendance till a child attains the age of 15years. There are less than 20 students per class which ensured an active academic life of a student in Russia. Schooling in international schools could dig a hole in your pocket but you will get quality education for sure.

Commuting in Russia- Opt for an alternative than driving

Overall the roads of Russian cities are smooth to drive on but their condition might be slightly unpleasant outside the city due to the harsh climate. It is because of the chilly weather that traveling by car is the top-most priority of the Russians. The country is well-facilitated with passenger airlines, subway (metro) system, and public transport facilities.

To save out on time and fuel expense, public transport could be preferred as well. Home country driver’s license is valid only for the starting 6 months of stay in Russia after that one has to apply for the Russian driver’s license.

Career Prospects in Russia

Russia is a home country for many International Companies, thanks to its fast-growing Economy that the job opportunities are available in abundance. For the immigrants who don’t have a job beforehand might face difficulty in finding the same.

Career as a part-time English teacher is in demand in Russia but the problem is first it is part-time and secondly the salary offered is not that great. In this case, one has to do multiple jobs to survive.

Cost of Living in Russia

Though Russia is considered to be the most expensive country in the European continent, yet there is a huge possibility of immigrants living an affordable life provided they end up their luxurious desire and opt for basic lifestyle.

Though the housing is expensive yet the other household items such as groceries, public transport etc is quite reasonable.


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