Aftermath of Atrocious Trump’s Refugee Policies

More than ten thousand people are facing a major crisis in their lives due to atrocious policies of Trump’s administration, as per which the scrutiny system has been tightened with stricter screening in the name of security. According to few, this move is considered as a step against humanity and certainly inhumane as it leads to discrimination particularly against Muslims. Let’s see what could be the Aftermath of Atrocious Trump’s Refugee Policies.

Aftermath of Atrocious Trump’s Refugee Policies
Aftermath of Atrocious Trump’s Refugee Policies

Declining number of refugees 

A significant decline can be observed in the number of refugees to be admitted every year as per the budget that ended September 30, the U.S had admitted in 22,491 refugee which is almost one-quarter of the number allowed to enter two years ago, it has stooped to the lowest since the Congress regime of 1980 which aimed at creating modern resettlement system.

Repercussions of the decline in the number of refugees

According to Jen Smyers from the Church World Service, an organization which works for the welfare of refugees and immigrants, The low number depicts a transition of U.S’s image from a Global Leader to a mere Arbitrary ruler.

Since the cap was lowered to 30,000 last month for the new budget year, US officials like Mile Pompeo proclaimed themselves to be the most generous nation in the global era when it comes to protection-based immigration. He also added that the government needs and is working on the pending asylum cases and even supports the cause of resettling people in the vicinity of their own homes so as to facilitate their return.

A composition of the group of Refugees makes 41% of the refugee population in the US-

People from countries namely- Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia constituted almost 41% of the refugee population in the United States in 2016 and 2017 but now they just make up almost 2% of the entire population, all due to lengthier background checks and procedural delays. The duration of the administrative delay is unpredictable and it adds more to the agony the people. Most of the people have been waiting since three-four years and are now consumed by the guilt of risking the lives of their families.

It was acknowledged by the state department that the severe screening and vetting procedures are the sole reason for a decrease in refugee admissions in 2018. The tighter screening approach was adopted to address the signature issue for the Trump Administration that is the travel ban on people from seven Muslim countries.

Changes in US Immigration Policy

The procedure for entering the vicinity of United States is hardened by the Department of Homeland Security by introducing more rigorous interviews and background checks. The immigrants are now subjected to strictest and more comprehensive background checks. More information is collected from the refugee applicants and a higher level security vetting is conducted. These officers are specially trained to ascertain the credibility and detect frauds.

However, it is being said that such security changes might lead to temporary shutdowns in the admission but it will not have a long-lasting effect.

To maintain the image of the global leader, U.S is still at the forefront of helping the immigrants and has granted permanent resident status to 1.7 Million People for Humanitarian reasons.

The country especially prefers people from the countries that don’t have a majority Muslim Population.  Aftermath of Atrocious Trump’s Refugee Policies is that there has been a significant decline in the population of refugees from Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of Congo from 46% to 22%. And the same has happened with the Muslim Refugee population. Only 140 Iraqis were accepted in the hitherto budget year, quite contrary to the last year when the number was 6,886.

There has been a wave of despising and dismay all over the United States among the Refugee population due to such policy and even worse for those who were asylum seekers.

Diksha Garg

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