Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa

Schengen visa is a powerful visa which is applicable for 26 countries. This visa allows you to freely roam around these 26 countries. This article is about Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa which could be many but this is for sure that rejection of visa from one of the Schengen countries doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for other Schengen countries. Let’s speculate Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa.

Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa
Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa

Criminal background of an applicant- one of the major reason for rejection of Schengen Visa

The criminal background may pose threat to the security of Schengen country and security is the priority for any country, so the immigration officer in keeping public policies in mind can reject your visa.

Forged documents- not only would lead to rejection of Visa- but may debar you from applying Visa again

Forged documents while traveling abroad could be the last thing one should while applying for the visa. When caught with the false documents not only lead to the rejection of the visa but you are inviting serious repercussion for that.

The immigration officer is not convinced of the source of subsistence of your visit- Sure reason of Schengen Visa rejection

This reason includes various aspects such as failure to show financial proofs through which you can sustain your holiday in the country or your visa period application is not in accordance with your planned itinerary. Failure of presenting the account statement of past 6 months all adds up to the Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa.

 The travel document is not in accordance with Embassy’s rules- Visa application is likely to be rejected

There are the certain conditions in which your passport should be while applying for Schengen visa-

  • Passport should be valid for the next three months of your return form the Schengen country.
  • Passport should have two empty pages.
  • Passport is only valid travel document, not any other booklet will consider.
  • Passport should not be 10 years old.

Failing to fulfill any of the above-mentioned rules could be the Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa.

Lack to prove the authenticity of the letter of reference- Avoid this mistake while applying Schengen Visa

Another factor that could add up to the Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa is the authenticity of the reference letter. There could be discrepancies like the letter is not signed by the designated person, the letter is older than required 3 months etc.

Failure in having valid Travel insurance- could be a reason for rejection of Schengen Visa

A valid travel insurance is that you need while our planned stay in the Schengen countries and failure of providing the same could be the Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa. It could involve the following reasons-

  • Travel insurance is not of the mentioned amount as per the embassy rules.
  • Your travel insurance doesn’t include the return of your journey.
  • Your travel insurance is not valid in all 26 Schengen countries.
  • Your travel insurance doesn’t ensure your whole stay in the country.

Accommodation is not yet confirmed or not be booked- Not necessarily, but could become reason for Schengen Visa Rejection

This is true for every country visa if you don’t show any proof regarding your place of stay they might doubt your intentions. It could give them an idea that you might have a relative in the country and you have plans of staying with him and then your intentions of returning back to your home country will be jeopardized. The following could be the Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa when you don’t have planned accommodation-

  • Having no hotel reservation.
  • If you are staying with your relative or friend then you must have the letter of invitation. Failure in presenting the letter will be the reason for rejection.

Having bad previous experiences with the Schengen visa-

If you have experienced some legal issues on your previous stay in the Schengen country then consular can reject your visa this time. The following could be the bad experiences you may have faced previously-

  • Overstay the limit of visa in any of the Schengen country.
  • You haven’t followed the designed itinerary and you have stayed in only one country.
  • Other reason could be you still have a passport in which you have Schengen visa in the active stage but that you have some bad experiences in the previous visit you have applied for a new one.


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