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Canada Offers New Study Direct Stream Program

In June 2018, the government of Canada has announced a new program specifically for streamlining the study permit applications. Known as the new Study Direct Stream Program is basically available for legal residents of a selected number of Asian Countries.

Canada Offers New Study Direct Stream Program
Canada Offers New Study Direct Stream Program

The SDS Program is said to be designed in order to allow a faster procession of the qualified study permit applications.

Which Countries are Eligible for the Study Direct Stream Program?

The students of the countries from Asian Countries like India, Philippines, China and Vietnam are eligible for the SDS Program. The basic eligibility to be a part of the program is that you have to be a legal resident of any of the mentioned countries. However, if you are someone who is a citizen of the country but living abroad, you cannot apply for this program. In that case, you have to apply through the normal study permit application process.

The previous version of the Study Direct Stream Program only allowed students from the Philippines to enjoy the benefit of the superfast application process.  For the rest three countries, separate programs were available. From June 2018, all of these programs have been combined into one Study Direct Stream (SDS) Program.

What Eligibility Criteria Have Been Set for this Study Direct Stream Program?

Although the government of Canada has decided to make it easier and faster for the students to apply for studying in Canada, one still has to go through an eligibility criteria process to be able to enjoy the benefits of the program.

To apply for the Study Direct Stream Program, one has to meet some eligibility criteria. Apart from being a legal and permanent resident of the above-mentioned countries, the student also must obtain a letter for acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada.

The student also has to pay the tuition fee for the first academic year to the designated academic institution and has to show proof of the same. Above all, to ensure to the government that the student is financially sound enough to support their study cost in Canada, he must buy a Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a Canadian Bank at the minimum amount of $10,000.

If the student has not graduated from a Canadian High School, then he has to go through a language test and provide the results of the language test. One has to score at least 6 in each category of the IELTS or 7 Niveaux de competence linguistique canadiens French exam to qualify for the language test.

Other specific documents to be able to grab the Study Direct Stream Program varies from countries to countries. You can check on the Study Direct Stream website to know more.

Importance of the Program

The importance of this program is vital because two of the mentioned countries, India and China send most numbers of students to study in Canada every year. A program like this actually help these students for a faster learning process; which in many ways helps the Canadian government too.

Getting a chance to be a part of the program is an amazing thing that can happen to your career.


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