Is it true Sweden has been destroyed by the immigration?

Sweden which is known for its nature and welfare system has changed completely from the past some years. Sweden is now in the news not because of its nature or welfare system, it is in news because of bombing, rapes and other threats. What has changed in these years? What makes Sweden change from the tolerant to an intolerant country? Immigration gives an answer to the many questions like this. Is it true Sweden has been destroyed by the immigration?

Is it true Sweden has been destroyed by the immigration?
Is it true Sweden has been destroyed by the immigration?

History of the immigration policy of Sweden-

Sweden back in 1975 is not this much open to immigration, only people from Finland or Norway come to settle there. But then Sweden think the country needs to be multi-culture. From then it started accepting people from Africa, Iran, Somalia and even from the war-torn areas like Yugoslavia. Now the population and demography of Sweden have taken a drastic shift.

Now comes the migrant crisis in 2015, when the news channel has only a few news to show and that too regarding violence, sexual harassment, rapes. The more violent area comprises of the migrants and experts believe that they are doing just to prove their dominance.

Incidents to show the widespread of the violence-

On Oct 13 last year there is bombs blast in Sweden. The sound of that 5 bombs still echo. Three bombing took place in Malmo and one in Helsingborg and Norrkoping which most unlikely Sweden. The cases of an open shooting have increased drastically. It was reported back in the 90s- 8 shootings per year but that has increased to 30 shootings.

After 2006 cases of rapes started reporting and that too of 12 years or 14-year-old girls. What could be more disturbing than this? Some of the rape cases went unreported as they happened during the running festivals, just to save the dignity of the events. Sexually harassing girls in festivals would force the government to have the famous festival with only women participating in it. This proves that violence is attacking directly on the democracy of Sweden.

Sweden shared the status with Denmark of having the highest number of cases of sexual assault in Europe. Sweden has also been called as the rape capital of the west.

Majority of the criminal gangs hold foreign nationality-

Malmo city where the majority population is of migrants- labeled as a dangerous city in Europe. Criminal gangs who led the violence like shooting or bombing mainly are Malmo city.

Stockholm also has the same story to tell, where too 95% of criminal gangs are of foreign nationality. According to the experts, shootings are the result of criminal gangs is on the urge of proving their dominance over the different criminal gang. When a Swedish lawyer asks how much and the reason for the growing violence- She replied the cases are being increased at the double rate and in the majority of the cases accused are a Non-Swedish citizen. She further added in a case of a gang rape of the total 9 suspects 8 were of foreign nationality.

It all could be a coincidence of relating immigration to violence but the facts are making it easy to believe-

The relation between immigration and violence in Sweden could be a coincidence but the facts show how immigration change the tolerance state of the country. Instead of talking about the welfare system, people in Sweden is talking about terrorism, No-Go zones etc. Increasing shooting and rape cases in which the suspects are immigrants are making it difficult that it is just a coincidence.


Diksha Garg

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