Questionnaire for the B-1/B-2 US visa interview

US B-1/B-2 visa is for the individual who wants to visit the US for business or tourism purpose. B-1 visa is for business activities including educational conferences, for settling estate dispute or a contract etc. whereas B-2 visa for tourism or pleasure activities including holidays, visiting family, medical treatment, participating in the events organized by the social organization, for one week or less recreational courses. Below mentioned is the Questionnaire for the B-1/B-2 US visa interview.

Questionnaire for the B-1/B-2 US visa interview
Questionnaire for the B-1/B-2 US visa interview

Before an interview fill up DS-160 form with required documents and pay the application fee. On completion of the form, the appointment date for an interview is scheduled.

Before an interview, one has to go prepared as the officer is judging you on your confidence and the information you are providing. Prepare your all documents in a specific sequence and give to the officer only when it is asked. Question asked for B-1 and B-2 is quite the same only the purpose of the visit is changeable. Following provided are some questions and explain how to handle that question-

  1. Question on purpose of visiting the US?

For this visa type, this is the basic question that is asked in the starting. Answer this question in short words like-

  • Medical issues
  • Holiday
  • Business purpose

Question on your previous visit to the US?

This question is important as the officer has your record in front of him, so you must answer this question honestly. If you haven’t visited the states before say no simply but if have then tell your purpose of visit and if you have stayed over the limit of your visa and have faced deportation do tell the officer. Don’t hide as this could lead to the rejection of your visa.

Questions on any relatives staying in the US?

As mentioned earlier hiding can jeopardize your chances of getting the visa. This question is being because many people overstayed their visa limit and stay there illegally. So it is advisable to tell if you have any relatives staying in the US. In the case of a friend, you can skip as no relation if you are not staying with them.

Question on the place where will you stay in the US?

This question is in relation to the above one. If you have mentioned above that you are staying with your relative then, here specify full address and relation with that person. In other case give the address of the hotel you are staying in.

Question on why you have chosen this specific time not any other?

For B-1 visa traveler this is an easy one but for B-2 traveler they have to give specific reasons for it for example-

  • Your medical condition is not good and you need immediate attention.
  • You can take office leaves only around this period.

Question on the period of stay in the US?

Specify the exact time of stay in the US to the official. Official generally ask this question to those who have applied for a long visa. He could ask you if you can make your stay shorter than 6 months or not, in this case, you must ready with an answer with related proofs. 

Question on the financial background?

If asked about your earnings tell them your profession along with the bank statements to prove that you can sponsor your stay in the US. If you receive income from any other source such as renting mention that as well. An official can trick you with the question like in your estimate how much the US trip will cost you? In this case be ready with the itinerary and cost estimation.

Question on returning back to your country?

This is the main concern of the official that whether your intentions are clear of returning back to your country or not. For this be ready with proofs such as property, family, business or job, bank statements etc. that could prove that you will come back to your country.


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