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How to get Family Sponsorship once you get Canadian PR

Many of the Canadian aspirants leave their home country in search of a better future. After getting settle over there their first priority to sponsor their family to Canada so that they can also explore the better opportunities. So follow the article to know about the Family Sponsorship once you get Canadian PR.

How to get Family Sponsorship once you get Canadian PR
Family Sponsorship once you get Canadian PR

Who are eligible to sponsor the family to move to Canada? 

  • The age of the person sponsoring should be more than 18 years.
  • He or she should have Canadian PR or citizenship. Others too can sponsor details are below.
  • He or she should be financially strong to sustain their families in Canada.

 To whom you can sponsor for canada?

As per the law, a Canadian PR holder can sponsor the following three relations to Canada-

  1. Spouse
  2. Dependent children
  3. Parents and Grandparents

Spouse sponsorship – whether you are married or is in a conjugal relationship you can sponsor your common-law partner to Canada. Following proofs are to be presented at the time of filling the applications to show the originality of your relationship-

  • Marriage certificate and photos related to the marriage.
  • Joint bank account statement.
  • Documents of the property bought together.
  • You can too show the messages of the daily life exchange between two of you. It is just on the safer side.

Dependent children sponsorship- A person can sponsor his or her children if they fulfill the following conditions-

  • The age of the dependent children must be between 19 to 22 years.
  • The dependent children are considered dependent only if he or she is not married.
  • Children must be considered dependent if he is not financially independent. He must be financially dependent on the person sponsoring before the age of 22.
  • If the dependent exceeds the age of requirement but he is physically or mentally challenged so that he can survive of its own then he is considered to be dependent children.

Parents and Grandparents sponsorship-

For sponsoring parents and grandparents to Canada the sponsor should take care of the following things-

  • You must be financially strong to support them. No big loans should be on your head.
  • Parents and Grandparents of the sponsoring person should not be in any need of assistance provided by the government.

There is a scheme called Super Visa for parents and grandparents by Immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to skip that long wait for the annual lottery.

Benefits of the Super visa for parents and grandparents-

  • Super visa is a multi-entry visa.
  • Visa is valid for 10 years but not a ticket for the permanent residency for the sponsored parents.
  • Initially sponsored parents can stay for 2 years and then have to come back.

If not a permanent resident still how you can accompany your family with you to Canada?

There are two cases possible in this case-

If you come to Canada to work as a temporary worker-

To accompanying your family that is your spouse and children in this case you need the following-

  • Canadian employer must have an offer you a valid and high salary job.
  • You have your work permit in process.

What your spouse and children can do while you are a temporary worker?

  • Your children can study in the Canadian school without any need of the study visa.
  • Your spouse can work under any of the employers after getting the open work permit. 

If you have come to Canada to study-

If you are married and have children then your case is same as the above-mentioned case of a temporary worker. But if you are not married then the answer to whether you can accompany your family with yourself is certainly NO. It could be possible only if you are minor and there is no one to look after you in Canada, in this case, you can for your visitor record document. This document will show that the family member accompanying you is just for your care while you complete your course.



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