How to obtain a work permit for the UK?

Working in any of the European countries is like dream come true. Member countries of European Union (EU) doesn’t require any work visa or permit to work in the United Kingdom, but other non-EU countries nationals do need to have a work visa in order to work in the United Kingdom. Before coming to the United Kingdom for work, a worker should prepare himself to go through grilled eligibility criteria. He or she should have a particular set of skills that make them different from any other EU national. If you want to work in the UK and don’t know How to obtain a work permit for the UK?

How to obtain a work permit for the UK?
How to obtain a work permit for the UK?

In the UK the visa system is a point based system and that points are given according to the particulars mentioned in the visa application. Prepare yourself to get tangled in lots of formalities if you are not used to it. There is an annual cap on the visa approval process but those who are eligible and applied for the job having a salary around GBP 150,000 per year and sportspersons are not covered under this cap.

Getting a work visa in the UK as a non-EU citizen

Skilled and experienced applicants in the fields- doctors, engineers, scientists, and MBAs are of most value in the UK. Their chance of getting approval for work in the UK is high as compared to others as no company wants to invest extra money and time for a candidate who doesn’t have skills or experience.

Category requirements for the UK working visa

A non-EU applicant can apply for the work visa under many categories each requiring a different skill set and other requirements.

Things to keep in mind before submitting the documents-

  • Before submitting the documents for visa approval make sure that all documents are in the English language. If documents are in any other language an attached certified translation of that documents must be attached.
  • With all original documents, you must attach their copies.
  • All contact details wherever asked must be filled properly, to avoid any further investigation.

There are three main categories of UK visa which are advisable and will take less time in processing-

  • Tier 2 General – Skilled Worker
  • Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer
  • Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa
  1. Skilled workers with a job offer in the UK (Tier 2 General Work Visas)

The most preferred category of all is a skilled worker (tier 2 general work visa). This type of visa is for the applicants who have a different set of skills and they have a job offer from the registered UK company. Skills of an applicant must justify its position in the company and must prove why they are preferred over any EU national.

Applicants who are ready to work for shortage occupations have high chances of getting the visa

Each year a list of occupations marked by shortages is released by the UK. The chances of getting a visa by an applicant who is willing to work in those fields are higher than the others who have a job offer from the company not listed.

Perquisites for applying for the visa for UK and for Work Permit in UK

  • “Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship”.
  • Certification regarding English proficiency.
  • Proof of adequate funds in your account.

The procedure of visa approval when a UK employer sponsor an applicant

  • A sponsoring company must an application to UK Border Agency in order to get approval to issue “Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship”.
  • Approval for “Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship” depends on the point your application scored which is based on your qualification, skills, experience, English speaking fluency, and availability of funds.
  • The UK Border Agency sets a cap of issuing visa approval per month.

For how long you can stay with your family with this visa in the UK

With this visa type, a person can stay and work I the UK for the period of 3 years. You can further apply for the extension of your visa for 2 years as a skilled worker. Spouse and children of an applicant can come with him and stay and study for the time applicant is working with the same visa.

  1. Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer

Under this visa, a candidate is allowed to transfer to the UK if he or she is working in an overseas branch of a UK company. The purpose of the visit is to head a project or your particular skill set is required to complete a project.

This visa has two further subcategories- short-term visa or long-term visa. In both cases, spouse and children of the candidate can come along and study.

With a short-term visa, a candidate can work and stay in the UK for the period of 12 months and can’t extend his stay over there.

With a long-term visa– a candidate can live and work in the UK for 3 years and extend up to 2 years according to the completion of the project.

  1. Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa

This type of visa is for the elite sportspersons and the coaches whose employment in the UK will give a boost to the sports and overall development. Provided they are working at the highest position back their home country. A sportsperson with this can stay and work in the UK for a maximum of 3 years and can further apply for his extension.

Procedure for UK Work Visa application

  • In order to sponsor a player or a coach, the sponsoring club or professional sports team must hold an employer sponsorship license.
  • On the retrieval of the certificate, a player needs an entry clearance to the UK from his home government.

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