Pros and cons of moving to Singapore

Every country has its own culture, weather, ambiance, rules, and regulations moving to a country means you have to adapt culture, in short, you have to imbibe it in you to survive in there. If the above-mentioned particulars don’t suit the individual then it is the disadvantage for that person otherwise it is an advantage.

Similarly, the case is with Singapore, Singapore is on the hotlist of the immigrants as it provides best working opportunities with high standards of living. Singapore is an authoritarian country as they have strict laws that every individual abide, hence feels safe to stay there. Let’s see the Pros and cons of moving to Singapore.

Pros and cons of moving to Singapore
Pros and cons of moving to Singapore

Accommodation in Singapore – high standards of living but at a high cost 

Yes this is a truth shelter in Singapore is quite expensive, you will find expensive condos and apartments only. Individual loves gardening find it difficult as backyard area is very rare but to satisfy their thirst nearby islands have plenty of greenery and scenic views.

Advantage- Moving to Singapore- you will find a variety of options both in apartments owned by govt. or privately owned

Immigrants can choose between the government-owned houses and private condos depending upon his requirement and budget. Private condos will have the luxury of a pool, gym etc.

Disadvantage- Immigrating to Singapore– rent will prove heavy on your pocket

Owing to the high demand of the land in Singapore apartment you are going to select you to have to pay high rent for the same. Prices of rent will vary according to how close the apartment is from the happening neighborhood.

Commuting in Singapore- easy with the vast network but vehicle cost is high

Owing to the vast networks of roads exploring the country is easy, one can easily explore the country.

Advantage Singapore- Public transport makes it easy to travel at cheap prices

A person who loves to travel or whose office place is far from home then public transport is the best option for them if they don’t want to spend their half of income on traveling. Be it bus, metro the connectivity between the places is good and the icing on the cake is they are cheap. Alternatively, one can also for cabs, they too fit in the budget.

Disadvantage of Moving to Singapore- vehicle cost and its maintenance is high

If you own a car in Singapore then you are considered to be a rich man because all the expenses that come with a car like its insurance, maintenance, taxes, toll prices all are very expensive in Singapore.

Accessibility to the near traveling destinations in Singapore

From Singapore, the traveling destinations are very affordable and accessible.

Advantage Singapore- being is that with the accessibility it is also cheap

Weekend getaway and long holiday both are possible being in Singapore. Southeast Asian countries are easily accessible and they are beautiful to explore.

Safety in Singapore- owing to strict laws it is a safe place

Every individual in Singapore tends to abide by the rules making it a safe place to live with the family. If you want to live in the place with low crime rate, with no doubts Singapore is your place.

Disadvantage- pedestrians in Singapore might not be safe as bike riders ride on sidewalks

Sidewalks are often for pedestrians but the individual on the bike in hurry sometimes ride a bike on the sidewalk that can hurt the pedestrian. The cyclist, in general, don’t have a specific lane to ride on so they end up riding with the pedestrians. So it is always recommended to use crosswalk whenever possible.

Social life in Singapore- happening and fun

People in Singapore, they won’t take long to indulge you in their groups. Places are there to hang out with the friends.

Advantage- can make friends easily

Social media plays a major role in making your social life happening. It provides your different channels through which can communicate with your fellow mates and can share your interests. If you are interested in taking some classes there too you can socialize and can make friends.

Disadvantage- partying in Singapore bears an expensive price tag

Alcoholic drinks are expensive thanks to the Sin Tax that is heavily levied on them by the Singapore government.

Healthcare in Singapore- no dearth of doctors and hospitals

In Singapore, quality healthcare is at your doorsteps and that too at the affordable prices. Unlike any other nation like the US, there is no need for insurance to get treatment.

Advantage- specialized doctors and quality healthcare in Singapore

Both public and private healthcare are available and have a wide variety of clinics to choose from.

Disadvantage – private healthcare is a bit expensive as compared to public healthcare in SIngapore

The problem is when you visit an outpatient clinic which doesn’t settle the payment with the insurance company. This will end up you paying whole the expense at that very moment which could be hard on your pocket. But don’t worry after that you can settle the expense with an insurance company.

Education in Singapore- high-quality education

Pro- the variety of schools is available

Immigrants moving with their children give education top priority in choosing the country. Singapore has both public and private schools. For the immigrants who don’t have any idea of staying in Singapore for too long for the good variety of international schools is also available.

Con- education is expensive and schools are hard to get

Government authorized schools are affordable but when it comes to the private and the international schools first they are an expensive and second admission in these is hard. What is recommended here is to start the procedure early as soon as the admissions start.



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