All about a Student’s life in Singapore

Singapore with a business capital in the Asian region is also a hub of the universities which makes it famous choice among the students. Students who want exposure to the multiculturism, business, and industrial sector, trading market select Singapore as their destination. With a faster-growing economy, Singapore too laid its emphasis on the entrepreneurial activities which in nowadays is a booming career choice of many students. Stay tuned to the article to know All about a Student’s life in Singapore.

All about a Student's life in Singapore
All about a Student’s life in Singapore

What type of visa do students require to study in Singapore?

As to study abroad every need to have a student visa. To get study visa in Singapore one need to follow following steps as per the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) guidelines-

  • Before the application of the visa, a student needs to have a valid admission letter from a reputed university in Singapore.
  • Then through an online portal called as Student’s Pass On-Line Application and Registration (SOLAR) system, the student has to upload. This online portal is used by both students as well as universities to post relevant information.
  • On the successful submission of the documents, the ICA evaluate the documents and on finding no discrepancy will issue in-principle approval (IPA) letter on your behalf sent to your university which will be later on received by you. That IPA letter has the visa attached to it.

Student visa conditions in Singapore-

  • A student can’t indulge in any kind of full-time work.
  • He can only do part-time employment that too in the campus area only and under the authorization of the designated authority.
  • An off-campus employer can’t offer an international student a job.

Education System in Singapore

As we have discussed above Singapore is hub of universities that provides wide range courses making it available to any type of student. Singaporean education system boasts international relationships that will help a student to study further or work in different other countries. Many of the reputed universities like National University Singapore (NUS) collaborate with the other universities around the world to increase the scope of their students to do good in the future. Universities do have link-ups with the various industries which will help students in doing internship or finding job after the completion of the course.

How much a student has to spend on Living and tuition fees?

Singapore provides the high living standards but at a price. In whole of Asia if we compare Singapore always ranked between top 10 positions in terms of high cost of living. Housing can make large portion of your expense budget but students can opt different cheap options to survive in this expensive country. These options are-

Halls of residence

This type of residence include on-campus living given by the university. But universities have their set of rules and priority in the allotment of the residency. Research students are given more preference over any other graduate. Some university allot the rooms only for short duration. Hall of residence will include only accommodation and no catering services and that exclusively for the student not for families.

Privately shared flats to stay in Singapore

Owning a house in a country like Singapore would be really expensive. So what is suggested over here is that you can share a home with your fellow students and friends, by this you all can share rent and will not for sure dig a hole in your pocket.

Private Hostels for Students in Singapore

Living in hostels could be a really cheap option but finding a good hostel is a task according to your requirements. A hostel should be close to your university so that commuting could be possible and should provide basic amenities to survive.

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats in Singapore

This is an alternative to the private housing renting but this is cheaper that.

Tuition fee in Singapore

Tuition fee on an average for a 2-year diploma course is $8000-$15000. For a Bachelors degree, it varies around $24000-$40,000. For masters, it is ranged from $18000- $30,000. The tuition fee is quite expensive in Singaporean universities but many of the public universities do provide the tuition fees grant in form of scholarships.

Life, Culture, and Leisure in Singapore

Singapore is popularly known as “The Little Red Dot” owing to size. If we take population size that is also not big, Singapore is not densely populated. Multicultural environment makes it livable for a person from every culture and nation. Singapore being at center is a good option to travel other Asian countries like Thailand, China, Indonesia and many more.

Singapore is more famous for its skyline rather than its landscape. The landscape is hardly seen here as it is more of an urbanized country. But natural wildlife, wetlands and nature is preserved to its best.

For exploring the history of Singapore there are many of the historical places and monuments to see. The nightlife is happening in Singapore with all that lighted pubs and bars. Singapore is a place for all stages of the generation with a variety of places to go, shopping, food adventure etc.

Sports lover can satisfy their interest in every sport such as surfing, wakeboarding etc. as Singapore with a favorable climate all year along.



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