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Legal assistance to Immigrants: A social cause worth looking at

The immigration crisis that has been looming in the North American region is reaching catastrophic levels when it comes to the Immigrants and their status. More and more people are being detained every day for the smallest levels of violations.

As we come across these stories, there is one common factor that governs every case. Immigrants have gone through very hard situations to get here and with the fear of losing it all, they are afraid to ask for help. Thus, giving legal assistance to Immigrants is a worthy cause taken up by an organization here in Canada.

Legal assistance to Immigrants: A social cause worth looking at
Legal assistance to Immigrants: A social cause worth looking at


The Incident in question- Unknown number of persons arrested due to possible refuge law violations with no legal assistance available to them

The incident related to this case happened on the International Workers Day near the Leamington area of Ontario. Raids were conducted in a business place where a certain number of arrests were made related to possible Immigration and Refugee laws violations. There are no official numbers as to how many people have been arrested or detained by the Agency but according to estimates, as much as 18 people have been arrested pending further inquiries.

Legal assistance to Immigrants like these is already non-existent because of the fear they have. All they want to do is work hard and earn an honest day’s pay. And arresting them on minor grounds of violation doesn’t seem to fit right.

What is Legal Assistance Windsor trying to do?

The organization is trying to contact people that have been arrested in the aforementioned raids to advise them of their legal rights. Without being properly informed of their rights, the immigrants stand to be deported without being granted their due legal process.

According to lawyers from Legal Assistance Windsor, without someone taking an initiative to help these people, they are most likely to undergo court proceedings with either improper representation or without being aware of their legal rights.

Remedy if caught on Immigration Violations- Apply on Humanitarian Grounds, educate other Immigrants

Although the rights given to Immigrants under the employment standards act are very limited, there are certain rights which can be lifesaving in dire situations. In certain cases, being deported to their home country can be dangerous to their lives because of ongoing conflicts in their home country. In such cases, Immigrants can apply for a refugee status in the country.

There is another claim that can be made by Immigrant workers. If they have been here for a long time, applications can be made on a humanitarian basis.

But, with the absence of Legal Assistance to Immigrants, they are most likely to face court proceedings without even knowing about these rights. And after the court procedures have started against an individual, an exclusion order is passed which bars them from filing such claims.

What needs to change here is the way we perceive immigrants. The society as a whole needs to stop looking down on people who are as hard-working as you are if not more. All they are trying to do is build a better life and providing them legal help is a noble cause taken up by Legal Assistance Windsor.


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