How do I apply for Canada open work permit?

If you want to work in Canada you need to have a work permit. But keep this in mind having a work permit for Canada doesn’t ensure your permanent stay in Canada. The work permit is given to an individual who is not a citizen but it’s temporary and non-transferrable. Work permit nature and type depend on the company you are working for and for what duration. If you want to work for another company you can’t work on that same visa, you have to get a new one. In this article, you will find all questions regarding how you can apply for Canada open work permit?

How do I apply for Canada open work permit?
How do I apply for Canada open work permit?

Run your Background check before applying for work permit for Canada-

Before applying for the work permit for Canada some background check is necessary like-

  • Proof of returning your home country after the lapse of the work permit.
  • You should be financially strong to nurture yourself and your family while your stay.
  • Criminal background must be clean.
  • Health requirements should be taken care of.

Filling Application procedure for Making Application for Work Permit to Join a Job in  Canada

  • First thing first you need verification from Canadian labor market that is Labor Market Opinion(LMO)
  • However, there are some categories which do not require LMO approval like NAFTA and Post graduate work permit as well as Intra-Company Transfers.
  • After getting approval from LMO, the employer can extend a job offer to the one seeking work visa.
  • With LMO approval and job offer you can now apply for the work visa.
  • When the foreign worker arrives in Canada, then Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer will issue the Canada Temporary Work Permit

Benefits Of Applying  For Open Work Permit for getting Jobs in Canada:

  • Your spouse can work full time while he/she is in  Canada.
  • There is no requirement of appearing for IELTS as a language proficiency test to avail Open work permit visa.
  • If your spouse is already in Canada on a valid visa status there is no need of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) or Job offer at the time of application.
  •  You can even extend your stay with your spouse in Canada by extending the validity of your visa. This can be possible if your spouse has extended the validity of his/her valid visa status.


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