Why do so many Americans feel such a strong hatred toward illegal immigrants?

There is the first rule of making exceptions that don’t make any exceptions. Actually we can’t name it as strong hatred towards illegal immigrants but actually, it’s the emotion that comes out when government fails to do its job properly. The problem actually starts when any of the illegal immigrants break rules and get away with that with zero compensation or with little punishment for such irresponsible behavior just because he/ she is an exception. Taking various problems into consideration let’s see Why do so many Americans feel such a strong hatred toward illegal immigrants?

Why do so many Americans feel such a strong hatred toward illegal immigrants?
Why do so many Americans feel such a strong hatred toward illegal immigrants?

Americans don’t have hatred just resentment against immigrants

Law abiding people, be it a US citizen or an immigrant start viewing such biased laws as direct offenses against them. With such politically motivated measure, law-abiding people start to develop a resentment towards not only the policies but also the beneficiaries of that policies. Ever-toughening anti-immigrant stance is a direct consequence of that resentment that is growing with everyday passing by.

Some of the problems by the lawful citizens are listed below that tainted the reputation of the illegal immigrants:

  1. Immigrants are here illegally-

    In order to be an illegal immigrant, they are not only breaking laws of residency but also other laws that impact other locals. But despite breaking these laws some of the illegal immigrants are hardworking, do jobs and pay their taxes on time.

  2. They bring along Crime

    – Media many times mentioned the incidents of murdering, kidnapping, robbing, committed by illegal immigrants. Some are in the American jail, which requires American tax money. It is one scenario in which a child, a young woman is illegal but they are working hard, to make living. But in another, an illegal immigrant is accused of being a rapist and still due to politically motivated measure he still is not deported. That increase hatred towards illegal immigrants.

  3. Schools and Healthcare issues-

    How one feels being a lawful citizen he is not able to send his child in a school, he is not able to pay for his ailing wife’s surgery but on another hand, illegal aliens are enjoying every aspect of being a citizen. They have jobs, their medical insurances are been taken care of. Obviously, that lawful citizen is going to resent over the illegal immigrants.

  4. They take away jobs

    – In fact, according to the data, states with a large number of immigrants have the lower rate of unemployment. Illegal and undocumented immigrants often do unpleasant and back-breaking jobs, that a native born is unwilling to do.

  5. They don’t pay tax and are on welfare

    : not every person on the earth are same. Data dated February 2016 of The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, shows that around 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States are paying annually around 8%of their income that amounts to be $11.64 billion in state and local taxes.

  6. Birthright Citizenship

    – Another allegation is about Birthright Citizenship- which is a child born to illegal parents. The child is a US citizen but parents are not. By this, parents are not getting any of the legal statuses, though by this they get a chance at the immigration court to put forward their case, nothing can be sure. If we see in another sense if we unauthorized all children born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents, then the size of the population is not going to decrease. In this case, two cases are possible, either the child will get the citizenship of their parents or will be left with no citizenship, leaving him stateless, hence increasing the burden on the government.

  7. A Wall to stop them all-

    Since 1971 border crossings have found to be lowest in the year 2107. The main problem is immigrants with lawful documentation become undocumented immigrants after overstaying from their visitor, study or work visa. The wall has very less to do in incoming of the immigrants.

In conclusion, there is no explanation of being illegal immigrants, the reason could be any. It is an unstated truth which prevails in the society and society has to accept its presence. Illegal immigrants who are abiding every law, doing hard work are overlooked by the one who is taking advantage of their illegal status. Politically motivated agenda have to kept aside and better start looking into the real problems.


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