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How to Get Job Offer from Canadian Employer?

Canada is a growing state, where the social and economic condition is quite stable as well as prosperous. As a result, people from developing nations across the world move to this country in search of jobs in most of the cases. However, many other reasons could be there to migrate to Canada. As per immigration law of this state, migration would be seamless or hassle-free when you shall have “job offer from Canadian employer” in possession. Having a job offer will make the process of immigration easier. A few basic qualifications would be required to attain temporary residence permit to this country in such cases.

How to Get Job Offer from Canadian Employer?
How to Get Job Offer from Canadian Employer?

Getting Jobs from Overseas

There are ample of ways of getting a job in Canada from any other country. You need to have valid qualification certificates, job experience and good track record. Apart from these things, employers conduct some basic background checking. They check for criminal backgrounds of potential employees. If you have serious criminal records, getting a job would be difficult. Moreover, attain residence permit would be difficult when you have a criminal background.

So, how to get jobs from overseas in Canada?  Some of the proven, as well as simpler methods, are discussed below. Following these methods would not only ensure you a good job but at the same time, they would give you the opportunity to enjoy hassling free migration process to Canada.

  1. Networking

Networking is the best way of clinching a job from a Canadian employer. Professionals have to rely on their professional networks in order to become successful in their career. Good network fetches good information on various jobs. A good network will fetch you better job opportunities. If you have international networks, it would be easier for you to find jobs abroad. Make your network expanded in Canada. Try to stay in communication with those Canadian citizens, who you know. Networks and recommendations can fetch the right job for you.

  1. Jobs through Agencies

If you do not have professional connections or networks in Canada, there is no reason to worry as you can still find a suitable job in this country through professional agencies. You need to enroll with such agencies. Now, enrolling may not be free. You must check agency reputation before investing money with them. You should also check for quality of services from these agencies. You have to submit your bio-data along with work experience. The agency shall match job profile with employers’ demands and would recommend you for suitable jobs.

  1. Online Resources

Checking online resources can fetch you jobs in Canada. A lot of virtual platforms are there, where you can find job postings from potential employers. Online classifieds are considered as sources for finding jobs.

You can use all these things to find a suitable job from a Canadian employer. In some cases, you do not even need a job offer from Canadian employer to move to Canada. Such cases are:

  • You are a self-employed person
  • Your profession does not need a job offer
  • You are a business owner or investor
  • Spouse of temporary or permanent worker
  • The spouse being sponsored by a permanent resident
  • The holder of “Skilled Worker” certification

When you have a job offer from the Canadian employer, you should apply for temporary residence permit in Canada. This can be done by filling up and submitting the form at the immigration office. You shall need to attach basic documents as identification along with basic medical certifications.


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