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What are the rules of spouse sponsorship applications in Canada?

There are different ways in which you can get approval for the citizenship for your foreign spouse. Some changes have been made regarding the sponsoring of a foreign spouse to Canada. The following article is about spouse sponsorship applications and its various rules and regulations.

What are the rules of spouse sponsorship applications in Canada?
What are the rules of spouse sponsorship applications in Canada?

Requirements for spouse sponsorship application 

Intercountry marriage is common now a day in the world of multiculturalism and to incorporate people from across the world due to the marital bond, a number of countries have come up with an entire law section on immigration and marriage. In Canada, there is a requirement for spouse sponsorship application and in the recent times, the Canadian government claims that the backlog regarding the various forms for spouse sponsor has been cleared out since 2016. The average processing time is also being reduced for the processing of such application. Here we are going to give you insights about the various regulations associated with it.

About spouse sponsorship application- Requirement of Living Together

In the initial glance, the spouse sponsorship application may seem to be easy enough but there are certain subsections which make the entire procedure rather complicated. Spouse sponsorship can be applied for by formally married couples, conjugal partners as well as common-law partners. To be a common-law partner, the couple has to live together for at least a year and then they can apply for this application. The conjugal partner is the ones who are unable to live together for their circumstance but are in a marriage-like relationship for a long enough time period. Spouse sponsorship application, unlike parental sponsorship, has no restriction on the number of applications that can be approved in a year.

Assessment of Genuineness of Marriage- a vital Requirement before spousal Visa

Whether the application is genuine enough is assessed based on the time of the application, the purpose of the relationship is analyzed, and also the history of the relationship. A relationship that starts off questionably can end in love and genuine feelings while vice versa is also possible and all these factors are judged before the approval of the application is being granted.

  • Even if one party involved in the marriage is proved to be ingenuine about their purpose of the relationship, the sponsorship is not granted.
  • The purpose of the spouse sponsorship application is to sort out the ingenuine and phony marriages and ensure that people do not use marriage as an illicit backdoor to gain permanent citizenship to Canada.

Before applying for the Spousal sponsorship Visa- Do keep ready following Documents

If you are going to apply for sponsorship in near future, built your documents with different records of the relationship from the very beginning. The following things can be kept as records for future use:

  • Record of all text messages and emails throughout the relationship should be kept.
  • Keeping all the cards and personalized gifts that you receive throughout the relationship
  • All pictures, especially those clicked during any event and trip and occasions should be kept.
  • Holding a joint bank account is also a great way to make sure you have ample records of your relationship.


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